Tucker Carlson condemns NY Times' farm murder apologism

This is after Stefan Smit, the subject of a Times' profile in March, was killed in his own home

The New York Times, and the Western media more generally, has been criticised by Fox News host Tucker Carlson for their role in downplaying the problem of farm attacks in South Africa. The newspaper has long been dismissive of the acute concern among many white South Africans at this ongoing problem, ridiculing it as "white nationalist" propaganda. Carlson has himself previously been denounced by the newspaper for raising this issue, and that of EWC, on his show.

In a feature article by Selam Gebrekidan and Norimitsu Onishi - published on 9th March 2019 - on the land invasion of Stefan Smit's Stellenbosch farm the newspaper described the idea that white farmers were being killed in large numbers, or forced off their land, as "false or exaggerated allegations". On Monday Onishi had to report however that their interview subject from a few months before had been murdered in his home by four masked gunmen the night before.

Carlson's comment follows below: