UASA accepts final Chamber of Mines offer in gold sector

Union says an overwhelming mandate received from their members to do so

An overwhelming majority of UASA members in the gold mining sector mandated the union to accept the Chamber of Mines' final wage-increase offer, of 6,5% for Cat-4 to Cat-5 workers and 6% upwards plus a percentage gain-share in either gold price or profit which will be negotiated at a later stage.

UASA has informed the chamber that the acceptance of the offer is informed by

Pending retrenchment processes in the industry ;

The real threat of violence in the event of strike action;

To effect as far as possible some stability in the present atmosphere of rumours, threats of lockouts and intimidation from various sources;

UASA wanting to own up as a responsible stakeholder

UASA congratulates its members for their mature approach to this less than satisfactory offer and assures them that the union reserves the right to seek a new mandate, depending on the circumstances in such an eventuality.

Statement issued by UASA spokesperson André Venter, September 3 2013

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