We will sign, if Eskom stops disciplinary procedures – NUM

Union wants to make it clear that it is against any move to dismiss any worker

Latest update on Eskom wage negotiations

16 August 2018

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has resolved to sign the Eskom’s three year agreement on wages and condition of employment for all employees in the bargaining unit, provided the power utility does not press ahead with its intention to discipline its own employees.

Eskom has provoked our members through the zero percent increase which were described by Eskom Board Chairman Jabu Mabuza who admitted that approaching the wage talks with a 0% offer was a tactical error. Eskom also provoked our members when it unilaterally took a decision not to pay our bonuses. 

The NUM, as majority union at Eskom, is prepared and ready to sign the agreement anytime any day. Eskom has agreed in principles with the unions on salary adjustment of 7.5% in 2018/19, 7% in 2019/20 and 7% in 2020/21 for all bargaining unit employees.

As the NUM, we are ready to sign the deal anytime. On the issue of taking disciplinary action against our members, we are saying the matter could be resolved outside the bargaining unit. We are ready to meet Eskom outside the bargaining unit, said NUM President Joseph Montisetse.

The NUM wants to make it clear that it is against any move to dismiss any worker. Since last week, Eskom has been insisting on disciplining workers who participated in what it so-called unlawful and unprotected strike action.

Issued by Joseph Montisetsi, NUM President, 16 August 2018