We'll abolish private property rights immediately - SRWP

We will nationalize the land and place it under the control of a worker state, Irvin Jim promises


5 May 2019

The Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party’s (SRWP) first act as a Socialist state, will be to abolish private property ownership and inheritance rights. This is what the National Chairperson, Comrade Irvin Jim said during the election manifesto celebrations which were held at Newtown Music Factory in Johannesburg on Saturday night.

The SRWP is intensifying its campaign as part of the final push ahead of the elections this week. It is working to build a Socialist South Africa where every human being will be treated equally.

“We will nationalize the land and place it under the control of a worker state. Under a Socialist government, no one will own land, therefore allowing for the worker controlled state to decide how land is allocated, farmed and used. It will always be for the benefit of society as a whole.” declared Jim to a crowd of over 1200 party supporters.

According to governments own land audit, 73 per cent of land is owned by white farmers, whilst the working class majority eke out an existence in the squalor of the townships of Alexandra in Johannesburg and Khayelitsha in the Western Cape. All the best services are reserved for the wealthy elite in the suburbs, whilst the majority are forced to drink dirty water. We are denied electricity and sanitation, and our children drown in toilets!

SRWP is working towards creating a society where the wealth of the nation is used for the benefit of us all, and not just for an elite few, mostly white wealthy Capitalists. Those who create wealth are the working class and yet they live in absolute filth and poverty. It is time for the working class to lead and find solutions which will result in a better life for all human beings. This is why destroying capitalism is our first priority.

What the capitalist ANC government has succeeded in doing is turning South Africa into the most unequal society, where the 37 per cent of the population is unemployed, and more than half the population lives in poverty. It has created a society where the poorest of the poor die from curable diseases, simply because they are poor. The Capitalist ANC cares about profit so much, that people’s lives do not matter.  What matters is that the rich must retain their wealth and their land, whilst the working class suffers.

The only solution is to put power back in the hands of the working class majority where it belongs. The working class must vote for itself on the 8th of May in order to experience genuine freedom and equality!

This statement was issued by the SRWP, 5 May 2019