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PPF President tells Ernst Roets the Guptas have disrupted white plunder of the economy

White monopoly capital according to Mzwanele Manyi

28 July 2017

White monopoly capital does not necessarily imply white people, but the reason why the word ‘white’ should not be removed from ‘white monopoly capital’ is because it can give the impression that all monopolies are bad, while it is only white monopoly capital that has to be opposed. On the other hand, monopolies must be established in government, as government is a caretaker for poor people. This is the position of Mzwanele Manyi, President of the Progressive Professionals Forum, in an interview with Ernst Roets, CEO of Forum Films, which was recorded in Forum Films’ studio in Pretoria.

The complete interview has now been published on the Forum Films website and on social media.

During this interview, Manyi said that the controversial Gupta family is currently in the spotlight because they disrupted white monopoly capital in South Africa. He also argued that any monopoly in the private sector, whether white or black people are involved, should be described as “white monopoly capital”. On the other hand, Manyi argued that the South African government should not be described as a “black government” because the government does not consist only of black people. According to Manyi, monopoly in the private sector is equivalent to white monopoly, while monopoly in the state sector cannot be regarded as black monopoly.

He also argues that black people lived in peace before white people arrived in South Africa and that the wars that occurred among black tribes should not be interpreted as the absence of peace.

Manyi also argued that when white people apply malpractices with regard to their workers, it can be rightly labelled as the behaviour of white people, while it would be racist to label farm murders as the behaviour of black people.

The complete interview is available at (Konteks #19: Witmonopoliekapitaal).

Issued by Ernst Roets, CEO, Forum Films, 28 July 2017