YCL pops champagne over Zikalala departure

Buti Manamela said head of SABC news abused his position for factional purposes

Those who suffered the wrath of the SABC under Snuki Zikalala can pop their champagne!

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] notes and welcomes the non renewal of S'nuki Zikalala's contract as the Head of News at the SABC.

We have in the past expressed our deep concern at the abuse of the SABC News section for narrow and factional battles in the movement, the canning of prominent journalists, the sidelining of SACP and COSATU activities and the unwarranted interview coverage of the Dalai Lama of COPE, Thabo Mbeki, prior to the ANC 52nd National Conference in 2007, under the nose of Zikalala.

We welcome Zikalala's long overdue departure within the context of eliminating abuse of the SABC News division for narrow and factional battles. We hope his departure will bury the abuse of the SABC News by powerful individuals. The SABC Board should itself resign and allow the President and Parliament to begin the process of appointing a new board.

This is the beginning of the cleansing of the SABC of tendencies that were responsible for abusing the broadcaster as though it is their military propaganda. We have in the past called for the removal of Amrit Manga, and would like to see his behind facing the door. Those who suffered the wrath of the SABC under Zikalala can pop their champagne, but still get to work on the total transformation of the SABC.

We hope that the new head of News will get to work with all the constituencies in order to take the SABC back to its mandate of informing, educating and entertaining the nation.

Statement issued by Buti Manamela, YCLSA National Secretary, April 29 2009

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