Zille illegally abdicated her duties to Maimane - ANC WCape

Khaya Xaba says Premier must immediately vacate her office

Zille illegally abdicated her duties

The ANC Western Cape says premier Helen Zille together with her administration is captured and she allowed her provincial executive duties to be illegally taken over by private interests outside government.

The ANC demands that Zille immediately vacate her office. She is an ever growing risk to the people of the province.

Zille has willingly handed over her responsibilities and accountability to a person who is not mandated or constitutionally answerable to the Western Cape legislature. By voluntary giving up her duties to allow DA leader Mmusi Maimane to capture the control of the declared drought disaster in the province; she failed the residents, broke the Executive Member’s Ethics Act, the Constitution including her oath of office to execute her duties, the Disaster Management Act as well as uphold the law of the country.

Amidst the worse water crisis the Western Cape ever faced and with two thirds of the province’s municipalities now facing taps that could run dry, Zille gave away her legal obligations to Maimane – who has no right or standing in any government.

ANC Western Cape leader of the opposition in the legislature Khaya Magaxa says: “Premier Zille clearly lost the plot. She allowed undue influence in her job, to be side-lined and appeared with Maimane at an event where he presented ‘his’ plan and team for the province. And Zille remained silent on this illegal interference to steal the control and allowed Maimane to pose as the ‘super’ premier of the Western Cape!

“Zille has no credibility left. She is now in name only the premier of the Western Cape and is seen as a failure in government. The ANC will lay charges against Zille for her office to be captured and for her breaches of law.”

Statement issued by Khaya Magaxa, ANC leader of the opposition in the Western Cape Provincial Legislature, 2 February 2018