Zuma must commit to publishin arms deal report - Mazibuko

DA PL says that the inquiry needs to be completely transparent

President Zuma must commit to making full Arms Deal Report public

Today in Parliament I asked President Zuma whether he will make public the full, unexpurgated report compiled by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Arms Deal. President Zuma's response failed to provide Parliament and South Africa with an unequivocal undertaking that he would demonstrate the much needed political will to make the report public, and to take the necessary action against any person, including any member of his cabinet, who is implicated in the report.

This decision will only cast further doubt on his government's seriousness about combatting corruption and finally bringing the Arms Deal saga to rest. The announcement of the Commission of Inquiry was widely welcomed and it seemed that President Zuma's government was committed to finally putting this sorry matter to rest. Now it seems that the President is backing away from his commitment.

In order for the Commission of Inquiry to be effective, it must be supported by a president with the political will to ensure that there is complete transparency in compiling the report, and that definitive steps will be taken against those who have broken the law. This necessarily requires that the final report be made public.

If President Zuma is serious about upholding the public interest, his constitutional responsibilities and the principles which underpin his Presidential Oath, then he must provide South Africa with an unconditional and clear commitment that the full, final report will be made public within a reasonable time. 

I will write to President Zuma and further motivate for the release of this report in full, within a reasonable time after the work of the commission is completed. 

Anything less will undermine the pursuit of justice and the putting to rest of the Arms Deal Saga.

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko MP, DA Parliamentary Leader, March 15 2012

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