Zuma Must Fall aimed at entire ANC, not just President – SACP

Party says campaign is nothing but an imperialist supported agenda to discredit ruling party

SACP strongly opposed to the regime change agenda - disguised as Zuma Must Fall

17 December 2015

The South African Communist Party (SACP) is calling on our liberation alliance, all formations of the mass democratic movement and democratic people of South Africa as a whole to close ranks and unite in the face of the imperialist supported regime change agenda that is being meted out against our democratically elected government. By appearance, the Zuma Must Fall agenda and the marches that are co-ordinated to call for the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress (ANC)‎ to recall President Jacob Zuma are targeted against the President. However, in its essence this attack is aimed at the entire ANC, alliance and all the formations of the mass democratic movement. 

There is an imperialist supported offensive going on in our country South Africa to discredit and deligitimise the whole of our ANC-led national liberation movement and all its components. This includes attempts at driving a wedge of disunity and division by singling out targeted leaders - as it has been happening againt SACP General Secretary Comrade Blade Nzimande through personalised attacks whereas in essence such attacks are directed at the SACP and in many instances also at our liberation movement as a whole.

Instead of falling deception to these attacks and fragmenting behind them with some of us taking the bait in line with their personalised logic singling out individual leaders of our movement all alliance components including the leagues as well as all the formations of the mass democratic movement must close ranks and unite in defence of the movement. 

The best way of defending the movement against the ongoing attempts at regime change in our country is to defeat the "Zuma Must Fall" agenda and become consistent when other government leaders are being singled out and personally attacked.

Going forward the movement must consider exercing its own mass power to demonstrate that the crowds being co-ordinated by reactionary forces including the hidden hand of imperialism calling for our leaders to fall are just a tiny minority.

Reactionary mobilisations such as the Zuma Must Fall agenda are being used in a similar manner to achieve regime change in Latin America and drive the region to the right-wing forces that are backed by imperialist states such as the United States and its European allies.

Issued by Alex Mashilo, National Spokesperson, SACP, 17 December 2015