Zuma should sign SABC SIU proclamation - EFF

Fighters says President stalling to protect his cronies at the public broadcaster


Monday, July 3, 2017

The EFF calls on Zuma to sign the proclamation for the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) to begin its work with the SABC investigation. SIU head advocate Lekhoa Mothibi told Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Account (Scopa) last week already that Mr. Zuma has not signed the proclamation for the SIU to begin with the SABC investigation even though the SIU has been ready to begin with its investigation as early as May.

Parliament Ad Hoc Committee on SABC Board Inquiry found that all forms of governance and administrative systems at the SABC have collapsed. The committee proved beyond reasonable doubt that the public broadcaster was embattled with serious maladministration, improper and unlawful conduct, and unlawful appropriation of resources.

It is therefore important for a proper investigation to be conducted speedily by a duly authorised body such as the SIU with proper mandate to investigate and powers to subpoena, search, seize and interrogate witnesses under oath. The SABC Interim Board has enlisted the SIU to investigate the shenanigans at the SABC and remarked that without such an investigation, it will be difficult to rebuild governance and administrative systems at the SABC and restore public confidence in the public broadcaster.

Failure by Zuma to sign the proclamation for the SIU to begin with the investigation is delaying the undertaking of the Interim Board to stabilise and rebuild the SABC. We know that the reason Zuma is stalling it is because it was his cronies and the Guptas who looted SABC funds and compromised its public standing. The SIU investigation will therefore uncover the rot that leads back to Zuma's front door.

The EFF calls on Mr. Zuma to sign the proclamation for the SIU to investigate the rot at the SABC and recover all the monies due to the public broadcaster. There is no point sitting in an ANC Policy conference telling people that your government is ready to deal with corruption when you delay to sign declarations that combat the same corruption. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 3 July 2017