A challenge to David Mabuza – COPE

Willy Madisha wants to debate ANC DP SA's unemployment crisis on TV

COPE Deputy President Willie Madisha challenges ANC Deputy President David Mabuza

4 April 2019

The deputy President of Congress of the People, Willie Madisha, challenges the ANC  Deputy President David Mabuza to debate SA's unemployment crisis on national television.

- Constant fuel price increases 

- Rampant corruption committed by the ANC officials in government.

- Total failure to improve the lives of South African citizens.

- High South Africa's unemployment rate.

"All these need to be discussed" - says Deputy President of COPE, Willie Madisha.

Congress of the People will tackle the unacceptable unemployment crisis facing our Country. Unemployment crisis cannot continue any longer.

We hope Deputy President Mabuza will take up the challenge and prove to the citizens of South Africa that they have answers and solutions to all the issues raised.

Issued by Willie Madisha, Deputy President, COPE, 4 April 2019