A good idea from the ANC at last!

Phumlani Majozi commends the party's move to have Jacob Zuma campaign for it later this year

The Treasurer General of South Africa’s governing party the African National Congress (ANC), Paul Mashatile, has pronounced that Former President Jacob Zuma will campaign for the party ahead of the local government elections expected to take place later this year. 

When I heard this wonderful news, I smiled. Smiled because it is precisely what I want to see happening in the ANC this election year. 

The tainted figures – from Zuma to Ace Magashule to Mosebenzi Zwane to Carl Niehaus to Malusi Gigaba – should continue to divide the party and campaign for it ahead of the elections.

The ANC's corrupt and controversial figures will remind South African voters that the big problem is the entire ANC organization, not just one faction. The voters will also be reminded how condescending and arrogant the ANC is toward South Africa’s citizenry. 

The more these corrupt leaders are out in public in ANC colours, the stronger the narrative that the party isn't serious about corruption in the country. The media will point this out – and the opposition parties should capitalize on it. 

The likes of Niehaus will remind that the party's not genuine about reforming itself. That it puts the interests of the corrupt first, not that of South Africa's public.

The ANC has already paid a price over the past decade for its failure to uphold the values of our democratic institutions.

You will remember that a few years ago, the opposition was instrumental in the dislodging of Zuma. Though it was the ANC's national executive committee that finally decided to recall Zuma as President of South Africa, the fact is the opposition had put enormous, consistent pressure on the party to recall him. He had been in charge of the most scandalous presidency post-1994.

I wrote in a column that was published on News24 in March last year that without a stronger opposition South Africa’s democracy is doomed. The ANC is on a long-term decline – and I’m delighted. I just wish it could decline rapidly.

South Africa’s democracy will remain a complete joke if the ANC continues to be the dominant party. We have seen how they abuse power with their dominance. For years they shielded Zuma when he ran the country into the ground. The state capture was the making of the ANC – because the party tolerated corruption and shielded those implicated.

In a column I published on BizNews in January 2017, I wrote that it was time for the ANC to go. I acknowledged that the party’s role in the anti-apartheid struggle is indispensable. However, they have become a danger to our young democracy and have bungled the economy leading to millions having no jobs. 

I see this on-going factionalism and chaos in the party as good - because it weakens it and taints its image contributing to its demise.

Now whenever I advise that the ANC must be removed from power by vote, I am asked “Then which party should we vote for?"

On Gareth Cliff’s morning show two weeks ago, I said that it is the ideas of the DA and Herman Mashaba's Action SA that South Africa now needs. Not the failed ideas of the EFF and the ANC.

The ideas of the DA and Mashaba are pragmatic and pro-growth which would stabilize and accelerate the country’s economic growth. 

Mashaba is more vocal and passionate about law and order – which makes me like him. I really love his stance on South Africa’s borders. He should be commended for tackling the issue of borders head on. The ANC has been negligent on borders over  for the past 26 years of our democracy. 

We need robust economic growth – which can only be achieved by tax cuts, deregulation, privatizations, government spending cuts, law and order. Such we will not get from the ANC and EFF. 

In addition, it will be crucial for citizens to understand the basics of economics. That we have a society where even the educated are ignorant on the basics of economics is troubling. 

I work in a corporate world and have been stunned how ignorant many of my colleagues are on what impedes rapid economic growth in South Africa. I encounter many who believe that the reason blacks are not progressing speedily economically is because they do not have land. 

The facts show that South Africans are not too concerned about land. What is of great concern to them, is joblessness, crime, education, corruption, illegal immigration, and other various issues that affect them daily. 

In the restitution process that began in 1994, South Africans have chosen cash compensation over land. Educated people who work in corporations don't know this? Ignorance of highest order.

We are witnessing the slow decline of the ANC. May factionalism and chaos continue to engulf the party. May its corrupt senior leaders fight one another and campaign for the party in this year's local government elections. We will be watching as voters. The DA and Herman Mashaba should capitalize on that if they want to make a strong showing at the polls.

South Africans have to wise up now, and boot the party out of power with their vote.  

Phumlani M. Majozi is a senior fellow at African Liberty. His website is phumlanimajozi.com. Follow him on Twitter: @PhumlaniMMajozi