ABSA's knee-jerk reaction arrogant – PPF

Forum calls on state to stop doing business with bank until it pays back the money

PPF statement on Public Protector CIEX report

20 June 2017

Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) wishes to join the majority of all progressive South Africans and professionals in congratulating Public Protector, Adv Mkhwebane on the great work she has done since joining office.

The progress report on a number of investigations as presented in her media statement yesterday goes to show how committed and hardworking she and her office has been.

Of more exciting for PPF is the finalization of the long awaited ABSA investigation into the CIEX report where ABSA benefitted unduly and corruptly into the tax payer monies. PPF is rather perturbed by the knee-jerk reaction by ABSA that it does think it owes any monies to the state. This after well documented and known facts that ABSA benefitted unduly and unfairly from the tax payers monies. Without taking away ABSA's rights to law, PPF find ABSA's reaction not only as arrogant but undermining the role and responsibility of the Public Protector which is a chapter 9 institution. PPF therefore calls for the state to seize doing business with ABSA until such time ABSA pay back the money it received unduly and unlawfully.

We want to call on the Public Protector to continue in her sterling job of investigating all complaints without fear, favour and prejudices and not to worry about the continuous attacks from some media houses and others who wishes to keep the corruption and rot under wraps.

Issued by Luther Lebelo, Secretary General, 20 June 2017