ANC critics of Guptas in bed with white capitalists – Kebby Maphatsoe

MKMVA chairperson also says association proudly and confidently doing business with that family

ANC leaders who spoke out against Zuma, Gupta in bed with white capitalists - MKMVA

Johannesburg – The Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) gave a tongue-lashing to several ANC leaders on Wednesday at Luthuli House, accusing them of colluding with white capitalists to oust President Jacob Zuma. 

MKMVA chairperson Kebby Maphatsoe told journalists that those who had come out accusing the influential Gupta family of attempting to capture the state were in bed with the likes of billionaire businessman Johann Rupert.

"You would have observed that it started as just a small thing, the Guptas have captured the state. Then Mcebisi Jonas [Deputy Finance Minister] coming out and Vytjie Mentor [former ANC MP] and many, many more have come out, and we are not surprised Ronald Lamola came out at the NEC meeting. What a coincidence. It shows there was plan by these people, including Rupert. Now that we know who (is) supporting these people who want regime change in South Africa,” Maphatsoe said.

Jonas and Mentor made shocking revelations earlier this month, claiming the Gupta’s had allegedly offered them ministerial positions. 

Maphatsoe then took a swipe at senior MK veterans who had signed a petition calling for the ANC to axe Zuma. 

"There was a group of so-called MK generals who wrote a petition to the ANC and again what a coincidence... To us it leaves us with no option but to conclude that there was a plan to put pressure on the ANC NEC to recall the President. The so-called generals are not in any way representing the MK,” he said.

Several Senior Commanders and Commissars of the MKMVA wrote to the ANC urging that a dignified exit should be negotiated for Zuma.

Maphatsoe said he had received calls from other generals, asking him to respond to the petition. 


We are proudly in business with Guptas

We have been proudly and confidently doing business with the Gupta family, Maphatsoe also said on Wednesday.

Maphatsoe said the MKMVA had had extensive business relations with the Gupta family. 

He said they appreciated the voluntary business relations with them.

"We are not captured and we encourage others to come and do business with us," he said. 

Maphatsoe said when there were questions surrounding the Gupta-Glencore deal, the association called the Guptas and "sat down with them". He said they were satisfied with their explanation. He said the only reason there was a "revolt" against them was because they were stepping into white business territory.

"When companies, especially the blacks... want to touch into this area ... there will be revolt. This thing of seeing a revolution against the Guptas is because they are touching a nerve to say it’s not business as usual," he said.

Glencore agreed to sell its Optimum coal complex to Tegeta for R2.15bn in December after the operation had gone into bankruptcy protection because it claimed it was locked into an unprofitable contract.

Tegeta is controlled by the Gupta family, whom President Jacob Zuma describes as his friends.

The Guptas are also in business with Zuma’s son, Duduzane, who, according to Tegeta's share register, received a stake in Tegeta three weeks before it bought Optimum.

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