Attempt to discredit Gordhan politically motivated - CDE

Organisation says nothing in the public domain suggests there is any merit to “case” being made against finance minister


25 August 2016

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) notes with deep concern the latest attack on the Minister of Finance by elements in the country’s law enforcement community.

To pretend that these events are the result of the disinterested application of the law by police officers acting “without fear, favour or prejudice” (as the Constitution demands of them) to the facts is self-evidentlymisconceived.

It is, instead, a politically motivated attempt to discredit the Minister of Finance and to create a seemingly rational basis for removing Mr Gordhan from office. This would then lead to the installation of someone less likely to obstruct the capturing of the state by a small coterie of dishonest businesspeople and compromised politicians.

If these efforts are successful, the resulting loss of confidence in the direction of the country would be justified, with dire consequences for our economy and much more.

Nothing in the public domain suggests that there is any merit to the “case” being made against Mr Gordhan. 

We urge leaders from all sectors of society to call not just for an end to the unjustified persecution of Mr Gordhan, but for an enquiry into the conduct and motivations of the senior officials involved in this “investigation”.

Statement issued by Centre for Development and Enterprise, 25 August 2016