Banks taking action against Bosasa, but what about govt? - COPE

Party asks why Minister Masutha is failing to terminate company's contracts with DCS

Banks are taking action against Bosasa, what about government?

18 February 2019

When will the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services terminate illegal contracts implicated in the Bosasa scandal?  

When will SARS take action against Bosasa for tax evasion? 

According to reports, major banks have decided to terminate their accounts with Bosasa at month-end - although well overdue, such action is welcomed by the Congress of the People (COPE).

It is difficult to understand why Minister Masutha is unable to terminate these Correctional Services contracts while concrete evidence exists showing the contracts were obtained illegally through bribes.

Recently Agrizzi testified before the Zondo Commission that senior Ministers and ANC members were on the payroll of this controversial company. If Minister Masutha has been instructed by his bosses in the ANC to not to take action against Bosasa, he should be transparent and tell the country the truth.

COPE reiterates its call that all Bosasa contracts with government must be terminated immediately. 

We will not remain silent while corruption is taking place anywhere and destroying our nation.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, Secretary of Communications, COPE, 18 February 2019