"Better take terrorist threats seriously!" - Sunday Sun

Robert Mazambane writes on the Easter of tears for the families of those killed in the attack at Garissa University College, Kenya

Better take terrorist threats seriously!

AS we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, let's spare a thought for our brothers and sisters in Kenya. For the families of the 147 people killed in a terrorist attack at Garissa University College, this is an Easter of tears.

This sort of barbaric attack has unfortunately become quite common. Every day we hear of terrorists beheading, shooting, stabbing or burning innocent people.

No matter how often it happens, though, I just can't get used to it. Each new incident does, I admit, still shock me. Every time it happens I just can't understand why someone would do it. It feels like something that a villain in an over-the-top Hollywood movie would do, not real, ordinary people.

Usually these things happen far away from Mzansi, and that makes it easier to ignore it. But Kenya isn't that far away. It makes me think, to put it in the way my young cousins talk, that shit is about to get real.

I also can't help but think that governments on the continent aren't doing enough to deal with the problem. The Americans have offered to help the Kenyans in any way they can to fight these bastards, and I hope they take the offer.

I'd take help from anyone who can teach al-Shabaab a lesson they won't soon forget.

There may be some resistance to that idea, because many leaders in Africa are hesitant to be friends with America openly. They could also be worried that getting the Americans involved may lead to the terrorists hitting them even harder.

The truth is, though, that terrorist scum don't need an excuse to kill people - they'll do it anyway.

Why is it that so many leaders seem not to take the threat of terrorism seriously?

It's not like you need to be a genius to figure out that these guys mean business. They openly admit to wanting to kill people. They make videos and post messages on the Internet, telling everyone who their targets are.

And then, after they've said time and time again that they're going to kill this or that group of people, everyone is still surprised when they actually go ahead and do what they said they would.

I just don't get it. Yes, I know it's hard to put yourself in the mind of an evil monster or lunatic, but open your damn ears and eyes! Believe people when they say they're going to kill you, and do something to stop them!

I know I shouldn't get this worked up about it, it's bad for my blood pressure. So if I drop dead then just add me to these terrorists' list of victims.

If one lesson we need to learn is to take threats seriously, the other is that some enemies cannot and should not be appeased.

Some people think that if they just stay out of the terrorists' way they'll be safe. That's a big mistake. It's what some countries in Europe did when Hitler started causing #chaos.

"He's not doing it to us," they said. "So why should we care?"

They soon discovered why they should have cared, but by then it was too late.

Let's not make the same mistake. The terrorists may not yet be here in force, but don't think for a moment they don't want to do the same things here that they're doing in Kenya, Nigeria and Syria.

But enough of the depressing stuff. I wish all of you a blessed and happy Easter with your friends and loved ones. Be safe out there, especially if you're driving somewhere.

Don't become a road terrorist! I'd tell you to drink in moderation, but I'm not going to tell you to do anything I'm not going to do myself . . .

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Until next time, salani kahle!

This article first appeared in the Sunday Sun.

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