Demographic representation: Let's go for broke

Stephen Mulholland says govt should stop faffing about with these inadequate 26% targets

Let’s stop pussyfooting around this issue of demographic representation, whether it be ownership of gold, platinum, manganese, coal or whatever mines, or banks, retail chains, property developers and so on.

If my fading memory serves, roughly 80% of our citizens are black while coloureds and whites make up some 9% each and Indians, who probably enjoy the highest individual wealth of the lot, the balance of about 2%.

Why then does our noble ruling party mess about with 26% targets on mines? Go for broke, chaps. Let’s introduce western investors to the reality of African communism.

What did they think we meant when we ordered them to hand 26% of their shares to certain of our friends plus our brothers and sisters working for them? What possessed these supposedly astute whiteys to think that that was where we would stop?

Did they really believe we meant once-empowered, always empowered? Give us a break. That was only the start.

This stuff will go on until our black majority has 80% of all the shares in all the businesses in the country. And the media can warn about foreign disinvestment until they are blue in the face. Or maybe white.

Our glorious cause will not be hindered just because foreigners own almost 40% of the shares listed on the JSE. We will brush aside their howls of rage as he we march, in step with Vladimir and Josef, towards the great prize of 80% ownership of the JSE by our voters. 

And why stop with the JSE? That 80% must, and will, apply to all assets in our land, from homes to factories to mines to office buildings to cars, trucks, tractors, aircraft, private hospitals, houses, farms and factories to name just some of what we will restore to the rightful owners.

Did someone dare to say that before those evil, grasping colonialists arrived here these assets did not exist? Machiavelli taught you well, did he not?

Bugger all that, we are the majority, therefore we will govern and we will dictate.

As the immortal Lenin taught us before the 8th Congress in Moscow in 1920: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.” Yes, Vladimir, we’re working on that.

Demographics is the key. Every aspect of Soviet South Africa (the glorious new SSA), must reflect the demographics of the nation.

By fiat, all doctors, engineers, architects, pilots, golfers, swimmers, scrumhalves and auctioneers must reflect, in their proportions, the demographics of the nation.

We will be the torchbearers in the vanguard of this new vision for society. Perhaps there will be bumps on the way. We can’t have a whites only 100m freestyle swim final at the Olympics, can we? What about the demographics?

After all our people make up about 15% of the world’s population. Of course, exceptions can be permitted, such as in track and field in which blacks make up 100% of sprint finals while other blacks, such as Kenyans, totally dominate middle and distance running.

At an IAAF Diamond League event in Shanghai recently, Kenyans occupied the first eight places in the 3000m final. And, of course, people of African descent dominated the sprint events. Something must be done.

Clearly transformation is required and, in our beloved SA, we will take the lead and create history’s first shining example of a nation in which each and every activity, each and every asset, each and every position of power will be shared according to the demographics of the society.

Our brothers and sisters, welcome to the brave new world of Soviet SA!