#GuptaLeaks: Magashule captured – Roy Jankielsohn

DA says FS govt fervent supporters of the Gupta’s ANC propaganda tabloid, having spent more than R4 million

#GuptaLeaks finally prove that Magashule has always been an Ace up Atul’s sleeve

5 June 2017

The recent publication of emails, known as the #GuptaLeaks, lends credence to what the DA has long believed, that the Free State Provincial Government has been captured by the Guptas long before their sustained attack on National Treasury.

It is the biggest open secret in the Free State that Premier Ace Magashule has been captured by the Guptas, allegations he has strongly denied, but until now, there was no evidence to prove these allegations. Leaked emails implicate Magashule’s son, Tshepiso ‘Gift’ Magashule, who is known to be on the Gupta payroll. Emails show that he has allegedly abused functions of the Office of the Premier whereby he had manipulated invites for Gupta-linked, India based ministers.

The former MEC for Agriculture and now Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane, was himself captured by the Guptas long before his appointment to cabinet. The leaked emails implicate Zwane, acting on behalf of Gupta interests, into the controversial Vrede Dairy Project, costing taxpayers more than R200 million to date, as is common knowledge for several years now and supported by a National Treasury report following an investigation into the project.

The Free State Provincial Government are fervent supporters of the Gupta’s ANC propaganda tabloid, The New Age, spending more than R4 million, almost half its advertising budget, on this single publication last year, as is evidenced in the Nielsen report released earlier this year. Free State MECs are always so eager to appear on the TNA Business Breakfasts which is nothing but an exercise in propaganda.

While these emails support the allegations we have made against Magashule, Zwane and the Free State Provincial Government under the ANC, we await the Public Protector’s report on our request to investigate the controversial Vrede Dairy Project. The DA has received a notice from the Public Protector, that the Vrede Dairy Report will be released later this month. We look forward to this report that has been many years in the making.

Issued by Roy Jankielsohn, Leader of the Official Opposition, 5 June 2017