Houston, we have lift off!

John Steenhuisen says Multi-Party Charter for South Africa is off the ground, but only voters can take it to the moon


18 August 2023

Houston, we have lift off for a new political axis of power that South Africans can unite around.

“We have a deal!”

That is how Independent Chairperson Professor William Gumede announced the historic outcome of the Multi-Party National Convention for 2024 last night, waving the agreement in the air.

These talks, following three months of constructive “talks about talks”, were the successful launchpad for the Multi-Party Charter For South Africa, a pre-election agreement between the DA, IFP, FF Plus, ActionSA, ISANCO, UIM and SNP, to work together to unseat the ANC and keep the EFF out in the 2024 National and Provincial elections.

This agreement lays the framework for a new government for South Africa, with a credible pathway to power in 2024.

By publicly signing this agreement yesterday, the seven party leaders committed their parties to upholding these shared governing principles, should they collectively get across the 50% line nationally or in any province next year:

The South African Constitution, the rule of law, and equality before the law.

Decentralising power to the lowest effective level of government.

Accountable, transparent government with zero tolerance for corruption.

Capable government that spends public money efficiently to deliver quality services to all.

Caring government that puts people first and prioritises the poor.

An open market economy.

Policies guided by evidence that they produce positive results for society.

Redress our unjust past by promoting nonracialism and unity in our diversity.

Each of these governing principles has profound power to shift South Africa’s fortunes. Together, they provide the solid ideological foundation for growth and prosperity, providing this new political axis with a powerful magnetic force to unite people across the country.

This ideology stands in stark contrast to the ANC’s ideology of centralized, unchecked power and explains the latest unemployment statistics, released on Monday, showing that the DA-run Western Cape has an unemployment rate of 20.9% against a national rate of 32.6%.

Imagine what would happen to unemployment if the whole country was governed according to this proven, winning ideology.

A new government for South Africa, that brings growth and prosperity, is entirely possible if just 10% of the 27 million eligible non-voters are inspired to vote for change in 2024. Which is a distinct possibility now that they can see a clear pathway to power for this alternative.

Please direct your friends and family to kickstart their registration process online by visiting check.da.org.za. The Multi-Party Charter for South Africa has lifted off, but only voters can take it to the moon.

Yours sincerely,

John Steenhuisen

DA leader