“Irina Filatova: SA’s future? Moscow fantasy. Centralised. Not Nationalised.” - BizNews

And four other of the top stories on Alec Hogg's business news website, 25 November 2015

JOHANNESBURG – The five best read stories on Alec Hogg’s BizNews.com, 26 November 2015

1. Irina Filatova: SA's future? Moscow fantasy. Centralised. Not Nationalised

2. Anthea Jeffery: Weasel clause reappears - undermining property rights

3. Brian Kantor: SA monetary (inflation) policy - bad theory put into practice 

4. SA's future? Billionaire banker arrested over brazils Petrobras corruption 

5. Surging food prices loom: How SA kindled own spark that ignited Arab Spring 

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