Jan Steyn's contribution significant, exemplary - FW de Klerk Foundation

Former president and his wife Elita deeply saddened to learn of the death of former head of Urban Foundation


 FW de Klerk and his wife Elita were deeply saddened to learn of the death yesterday of Judge Jan Steyn. 

During his long and distinguished career Jan Steyn made a significant and exemplary contribution to the development of a legal system based on equality before the law and the right of everyone to basic justice. His contribution to the evolution of our new society was not limited to the law - but also encompassed the need to create a better life for all our people. As head of the Urban Foundation during the 1980s he played a major role in improving the day-to-day lives of hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged South Africans.

 Judge Steyn was also a strong supporter of our new constitutional dispensation and the independence of our judicial system. He provided invaluable advice and guidance to the FW de Klerk Foundation's Centre for Constitutional Rights in its efforts to support the Constitution. 

 He was not only a great South African - but was also a long-standing and dear friend of the De Klerks. Mr and Mrs FW de Klerk and the FW de Klerk Foundation would like to extend their condolences to Jan Steyn's family and friends. He will be deeply missed by all those who knew and loved him and by the country that he served throughout his life with such devotion and distinction.

Statement issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation, December 31 2013

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