KZN prisons boss suspended, but not over Bosasa allegations – DCS

It was a 'culmination of a process' that began 'before the state capture inquiry'

KZN prisons boss suspended, but not over Bosasa allegations - DCS

24 January 2019

KwaZulu-Natal prisons boss Mnikelwa Nxele has been suspended, but apparently not because of allegations levelled against him in this week's state capture inquiry.

Department of Correctional Services (DCS) spokesperson Logan Maistry on Thursday said the "precautionary suspension" was not related to former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi's testimony.

"It was the culmination of a process that began earlier this month before the state capture inquiry. The department is unable to provide further details, as this matter related to an employment relationship."

Nxele is the latest high ranking official to be implicated in state capture this week where he was alleged to have taken bribes of around R57 500 per month.

He was alleged to have influenced a plot to put undue pressure on former DCS national commissioner Vernie Petersen in 2007.

Agrizzi on Tuesday made the claims, saying Bosasa had attempted to bribe senior officials at DCS in order to undermine Petersen, who had just been appointed.

Petersen allegedly did not want to deal with Bosasa, leading to a meeting of the senior officials. There, they discussed how "they could swing Petersen and get to a solution where he would start communicating with Bosasa".

Agrizzi said Nxele was part of the team of senior officials who would be paid a R1m per month bribe for their influence.

Agrizzi said the payments to the team stopped in 2008 after one of Bosasa's companies, Sondolo IT, lost a contract for the staffing of control rooms at correctional services facilities.

Agrizzi's testimony before the commission continues.