Malema and Rupert

Douglas Gibson writes in describing every white person as a thief, the EFF display their ignorance

Malema and Rupert

12 April 2022

According to Julius Malema and his little Mini-Me, Floyd Shivambu, Johan Rupert is a thief. Every white person in South Africa is a thief. They stole all their assets from black people (strangely not from the original Khoi-San who were on the beach when van Riebeeck arrived). 

Ju Ju goes further. He says if whites want to avoid a revolution, they must hand back the land they stole. And further still; he and others are not afraid of blood. This little man, too young to have played any part in the struggle, fancies himself as a soldier and to the amusement of most of the country, styles himself the “Commander-in-Chief (CIC).”

He leads his followers, many of them desperate, poor and unemployed young people, to place their faith in Communism and demands the nationalisation of every inch of our country. The State (for that read Julius and his elite members) will own all land. 

Julius does this while living in a townhouse in one of the smartest suburbs in Africa, sending his son to a hugely expensive private school and belonging to the bastion of the horsey set, the exclusive Inanda club.

The media gave massive coverage to the latest publicity stunt by the EFF: marching on Johan Rupert’s farm, calling him a thief of “their” property and making a raft of demands to be met within 14 days. They failed to reveal the Stellenbosch rent-a-crowd numbered a total of 99 people.

In describing every white person as a thief, these poor people displayed their ignorance. They swallow the story that they became poor because Jan van Riebeeck landed in the Cape in 1652; their misery started then, and Johan Rupert and his ilk stole their assets and land.

These poor ignorant souls do not know the Rupert story. Anton Rupert, one of the most gentlemanly, courteous and kind men I have ever met, started the whole Rupert empire in his garage with a capital of R20 in today’s money. Through his efforts, easily eclipsed by those of his son, Johan, that empire has grown until it is an internationally important business, encompassing hundreds of companies in 35 countries, employing tens of thousands of people here and overseas. It also pays enormous amounts of income tax and other taxes, enabling the government to pay social grants and do all the good works it must do. Of course, most EFF people do not know how tax works,

Johan Rupert is one of the richest men in the world: he did not steal that money, he made it out of his efforts, his brilliance and the help and skill of the masses he employs. Instead of wishing him – and all white people away, after stealing what they have worked for and earned – Julius and his mob should get down on their knees every day and thank Rupert and the white 8% of our community for their efforts and contribution to building South Africa, now and over the last 370 years.

Julius has not read our Constitution. It provides that South Africa belongs to all who live in it and we are all equal. Ignore this and treat white people like the Asians were in Idi Amin’s Uganda, and the country will unravel. That will wreck any possible future those poor young people might have. 

As the ANC fumbles and loses support, the choice is between the EFF and the DA with diametrically opposite beliefs. We shall see if the voters choose the dangerously ignorant stupidity of the EFF and its “CIC.”

Douglas Gibson is a former opposition chief whip and a former ambassador to Thailand. His website is douglasgibsonsouthafrica.com 

Article first published in The Star