Land owners right to be worried – Solidarity

Movement reacts to Nkoane-Mashabane's threat to run an EWC test case

Minister of Land Reform does not want to test the court but wants to set a trap – Solidarity

28 March 2018

Trade union Solidarity today said that statements by the newly appointed Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Maite Nkoane-Mashabane, that she wants to continue to expropriate land before the parliamentary process regarding the widely discussed issue was finalised, is proof that the ANC’s talk that land owners need not be worried is indeed but a trap. Nkoane-Mashabane said at the current Land Summit that she had already identified a piece of property for such purposes.

According to Connie Mulder, head of the Solidarity Research Institute, it is disconcerting that Nkoan Mashabane added that she did not want to disclose the property for fear that it would give the current owners an opportunity to get legal representation and prepare for litigation, which would make her task more difficult. “This statement nullify her argument that she wanted to use this case as a test case because it is clear that she does not really heed legal procedure,” Mulder said.

It seems that the ANC does not only intend to strip owners of their property rights; it is also prepared to trample other constitutional rights in order to achieve that goal,” Mulder said.

According to Mulder, it is clear that a contradiction exists between what Pres. Ramaphosa says and the statements made by his ministers regarding this issue. “Therefore, the ANC only acts within the framework of the law provided that this does not hamper their ultimate goal,” Mulder added.

The only difference between the views of the ANC and the EFF on land expropriation is the size of the mob who wants to take the land,” Mulder said.

Issued by Francois Redelinghuys, Spokesperson, Solidarity, 28 March 2018