MKMVA Trust Case begins - Omry M Makgoale

Matter concerns the plundering of fund supposedly meant to benefit MK veterans

MKMVA Trust Case Press Release Statement

2 June 2016

The MKMVA Trust Case at the Johannesburg High Court today, 2 June, marks the beginning of the road towards accountability by the MKMVA leadership since the disbandment of MK by Nelson Mandela.

Money has been requested from all over the world, supposedly to help and rehabilitate former MK Veterans but most of that money has never reached the supposed beneficiaries: the MK rank and file.

Few unscrupulous MK officials have taken ownership of these financial resources on behalf of all of us. They are eating on our behalf, “Ba phuphura”. The unfortunate part is that the ANC leadership from the Top Six down to the lower structures have done nothing about it.

Some ANC leaders have colluded with MKMVA leadership in looting MK destined resources. It is dog eat dog in the current ANC. We need to revisit the reasons as to why we joined the struggle in the first place. What was the purpose? Can we claim what is happening now is what we fought for?

The only state institution that can still be trusted are our courts, hence our approach to the courts today because there was no relief from within the ANC. The ANC is paralyzed by corruption.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism, amaBhungane, provided some of the forensic evidence relating to the present MKMVA Trust Case in its article "Leading MK vets 'looted millions'" (15 June 2012).

The article noted that "several indications of abuse of the accounts by veterans’ association executives stand out:

 Bank accounts or payment references linked to [Chilton Dumisani] Khoza indicate that he used money to pay for vehicle tyres, an LCD television installation, jewellery, spa treatments and extra tutorial lessons for his children;

 Spending from one account spiked in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2008, as repeated and rounded lump sums of up to R50 000, were paid to Khoza, [Kebby] Maphatsoe, [ Nkopane Johannes 'Sparks' Motseki]...;

 Khoza and [Deacon Sekibela] Mathe received large sums from both accounts long after they had nominally stepped down as treasurer and chairperson of the association respectively;

 Companies unconnected to the veterans’ interests, but with which Khoza is listed as a director, received R2.5-million from both accounts;

 Inflows to the accounts included several large payments by companies known to hold investment stakes on behalf of veterans. Despite this, the total amount paid out from both accounts is close to what was paid in, suggesting that most income derived from the investments that flowed into the accounts was subsequently spent;

 More than R2million was moved between the two accounts; and

 Loans from one account exceeded repayments to it by 'at least' R150 000."

The ultimate solution lies in the electoral reform, establishing individual accountability of politicians on a constituency basis, in a mixed electoral system to take account of representivity. We have to find an electoral law that balances accountability with representivity.

This litigation case goes a long way towards getting relief for former MK veterans.

* Omry M Makgoale is the applicant number 1 in the case against MKMVA Trustees.

For further details contact attorney Moray Hathorn, Webber Wentzel

Statement issued 2 June 2016