MONOCO: WMC against the NDR

Justice Piitso says soldiers cannot take instructions from generals in the enemy camp


One is pondering about the growing momentum to undermine the unity and cohesion of the revolutionary movement throughout the world. The US led imperialism is unleashing an unprecedented low intensity warfare against the whole of the world progressive movement.

Monopoly imperialism is waging an offensive onslaught to undermine the struggles of the overwhelming majority of our people in the former colonies and semi colonies. Its war mongering tactics are ravaging peace and stability in countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Russia, China, Ethiopia, South Africa and many other parts of the world.

The regime change strategy has become the common posture of the US led imperialism throughout the world. The Yankee empire is negating the very same fundamental values of freedom of expression and democracy.

In our own country, white monopoly capital, collaborating with international finance capital, is festering a new trajectory of opportunism and anarchism within the realms of the South African political arena. Opportunism and anarchism are the two fundamental enemies of the unity and cohesion of any revolutionary momentum.

The unfolding political episode confirms the notion that there is no tantamount a task than that of rising against the tide wave of counter revolution. Indeed it was never to be an easy task to imprint the birthmarks of our new democratic society, over the foundations of the racist apartheid colonial state.

This week white monopoly has unleashed millions of rands to mobilise our people to support the so called motion of no confidence against the President of the ANC and our democratic government, Cde Jacob Zuma. The objective strategy of the motion of no confidence is not just against the President as an individual, but to rattle the ANC as a whole from political power.

Already the detractors of our national democratic revolution are mourning the virtual death of the oldest national liberation movement on the continent and probably the whole world. At the doorsteps of our democratic parliament they have erected a monument with the epitaph" rest in peace the glorious movement representing the wishes and aspirations of the great majority of the people of South Africans".

White monopoly imperialism is determined to turn our parliament into a graveside of our glorious national liberation movement. Our detractors have written the obituary of our movement and already rehearsing hymns for its funeral procession to be held this Tuesday in Cape Town.

What they do not understand is that our democratic parliament is not and can never be the graveside of this titanic movement of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo. The ANC has been given an overwhelming mandate by our people to govern this country.

The hypothesis is that the political consortium led by the Democratic Alliance is preaching more about democratic values than democracy itself. The consortium is singing the slogans for the freedom of the majority but to serve the interest of the white minority.

The complexity of this counter revolution is that white monopoly capital seeks to sponsor the very same black majority and the Africans in particular to reverse back the gains of our freedom and democracy. But we know that where there is a revolution there is always a counter revolution.

One of the world leading theoreticians Vladimir Lenin would always say"

drive nature out of the door and she will rush back through the window. It seems that the Socialist-Revolutionary and Menshevik parties have to “learn” this simple truth time and again by their own experience. They under took to be “revolutionary democrats” and found themselves in the shoes of revolutionary democrats—they are now forced to draw the conclusions which every revolutionary democrat must draw".

The weakest link are those from within the ranks of our movement playing soprano with the choir of the white monopoly capital. The problem are those singing the same songs with the enemies of our revolution.

The enemies of our revolution are those opposed to the transformation of our society. Those who are opposed to the revolutionary programne for radical socio economic transformation of our society.

Some of them without giving a proper account of the balance of forces internationally and in the country are threatening to break the revolutionary alliance. What they don't know is that the unity of our revolutionary alliance is the heartbeat of our struggle to build a better world for humanity.

Some are blackmailing our movement" elect the following preferred individuals to lead the ANC or otherwise we are breaking the Alliance. If you do not elect our preferred individuals, the ANC will remain a cage and therefore a shadow into the dustbins of history".

These are the most difficult questions the objective circumstances are posing to our generation of man. Opportunistic questions posed by those who think that their individual shadows are bigger than that of our national liberation movement.

The question we need to ask ourselves is in whose interest are they doing this?. Is it in the interest of the wishes and aspiration of the majority of our people or about their selfish interests?.

These are the question the people of our country should ask themselves. To be elected by the people is the opportunity to learn how to serve the interests of humanity.

One of the renowned philosophers of our times, Cde Frederick Engels says the following"

One must not allow oneself to be misled by the cry for ’unity’. Those who have this word most often on their lips are the ones who sow the most dissension... the biggest sectarians and the biggest brawlers and rogues at times shout the loudest for unity".

Vladimir Lenin says that unity bought by forsaking principles and by wallowing in the mire with opportunists ceases to be proletariat unity. He says it means in practice unity of the proletariat with the national bourgeoise and a split in the international proletariat, unity of lackeys and split amongst revolutionaries.

The essence of the polemics borrowed from these revered revolutionaries is that the unity of any revolutionary movement must be materialistic both in theory and practice.   It must be a dialectical revolutionary unity, unity of purpose capable of seeing things in their development and their motion.

In other words the unity of our national democratic revolution must reflect concrete realities and not wishful thinking. The profundity of any revolutionary movement is to advance the interests of its own people before that of individual and personal interests.

The motion of no confidence against the President of the ANC and our country must unite all revolutionary forces more than ever before. The motion of no confidence is an opportunity to appreciate the complex political problems confronting our national liberation movement.

It is upon all revolutionaries to appreciate the fact that our movement is going through difficult times and therefore take collective responsibility to find solutions to the problem. The solution will never be taking commands from the consortium of the unholy alliance led by the DA to vote against our President.

A soldier of an army cannot take instructions from the general from the enemy camp. Our leaders in parliament cannot take instructions from Musi Maimane, General Bantu Holomisa and Julius Malema.

The litmus test of any revolutionary movement is its capacity at all historical times to resolve its own contradictions. Therefore the ANC has the capacity to resolve its own problems.

We are confident that our leaders elected in the national assembly will not bow to the pressure of the siren songs of the enemy of our national democratic revolution. They are duty bound to defeat the motion of no confidence sponsored by those forces opposed to the transformation of our country.

We hope our comrades will serve in the best interest of our people confident that the ANC is like the river Nile. It has the capacity to resolve its own problems.

Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity.