Action at last from the NPA

David Bullard says authority is finally clamping down on one of the greatest scourges of our time


Just when many of us were wondering where they were, or whether they even still existed, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) swung into action with the dramatic news of an imminent prosecution. Are some of our sleaziest political leaders finally about to meet their comeuppance?

Are the dodgier members of the corporate world with ANC connections going to have to explain how they apparently obtained all those Bentleys, Ferraris and Porsches? Will those publicly calling for the killing of farmers and of those with a pale complexion now be asked to explain themselves in a highly respected court of law?

Calm yourself, gentle reader, those are minor matters and possibly suitable for some, as yet undetermined, future date. The NPA are acutely aware of the threats to national security that the fragile state of South Africa is facing and with this in mind would naturally want to prioritise cases to prosecute.

So it should come as no surprise that they announced last week that they will be prosecuting former Stellenbosch University student Theuns du Toit for malicious damage to property and for crimen injuria. We can all sleep easier in our beds as a result.

You may remember that young Mr du Toit returned from a heavy night of drinking back in May, passed out on a mate’s bed, and then got up to relieve himself, walked down the passage and into a darkened room, and in a state of confusion or parasomnia (or so his defence team will have us believe) whipped out his chopper and urinated ... all over the laptop and personal belongings of a fellow student who happened to be black.

For those of you who are geographically challenged, Stellenbosch University is slap bang in the middle of some of the most beautiful and bountiful winelands in South Africa and so cheap and plentiful booze is abundant.

Had Mr du Toit attended, for example, Kabul University this liquor temptation would not have existed. But he didn’t and being a typical student away from careful parental guidance he behaved as young students so often do (mea culpa here) and got absolutely rat arsed one saturday evening which led to the unfortunate urination incident.

Aside from attracting the attention of the ever vigilant ‘racist incident news desk’ at News24 which is charged with posting guaranteed click-bait, Mr Du Toit also managed to trigger mass student demonstrations from the goody-goody brigade who would never let a sip of dry sherry pass their lips (although street drugs are probably acceptable) and the several senior academic figures within the university’s hierarchy who appear to have temporarily forgotten that those in their care sometimes do stupid things.

On 21st July News24 reported that Theuns du Toit had been expelled from Stellenbosch University having been earlier suspended. I imagine this must have all been rather stressful for Theuns du Toit and his family but now the NPA have swung into action the misery continues and Theuns du Toit’s young life is about to be completely ruined because of one night of drunken revelry that went horribly wrong.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and the fact that the whole incident was calmly videoed by the victim with not so much as a hint of camera shake, he will be forever immortalized as the ‘racist pisser of Stellenbosch’ which may be a barrier to future employment.

But here’s an interesting thing. On 24th September of this year Maki Molapo of EyeWitness News (owned by the painfully woke Primedia Broadcasting) reported the following:

JOHANNESBURG - A Stellenbosch university student has been suspended from the Helshoogte residence for urinating on his roommate's chair.

The residence's management said it was notified about the incident on Friday.

The student is said to have been intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Student leaders say they are not surprised that this incident has happened.

Shock, horror. But oddly the storyline went dead at this point. No details of the victim and the immense trauma they must have experienced, no mention of criminal proceedings.

Could this possibly be that the urinator and the urinatee were of the same race and therefore this is not a story worthy of the ‘race desk’ at News24? Having just gone online in an attempt to search for further information and verify my facts I came across this little beauty hot off the press:

Kevin Brandt | 23 October 2022 11:27

CAPE TOWN - Stellenbosch University has been rocked by yet another urination scandal.

Campus management says it’s been made aware of a severely intoxicated student who urinated in the room of fellow students at the Eendrag residence during the early hours of Saturday morning.

It will be interesting to see if anything more comes of this but, pending Mr du Toit’s imminent prosecution, presumably a ‘rocked’ Stellenbosch University will henceforth be implementing a consistent zero-tolerance and young-life-destroying policy when it comes to all incidents of drunken misbehaviour, lest they ever be accused of inconsistency.


There has been much gloating among my South African chums about Liz Truss’s 45 days in office as the UK Prime Minister. I think many South Africans take some comfort in our former colonizer’s current political discomfort. ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

But, as I like to remind them, consider this. After 45 days of poor decision making and an unwinnable battle against a hostile and critical media she is gone. We, on the other hand, have had a disastrous government in power since April 22nd 2009 and that comes to just under 5 000 days by my reckoning so we have nothing to crow about.

Truss is also not suspected of having her hand in the cookie jar, of handing government contracts to dodgy Indian families, of appointing complete incompetents to high positions, of hollowing out state run enterprises or eschewing the well run British banking system in favour of keeping her cash in a John Lewis sofa. Simply put, she was just the wrong person with the wrong policy at the wrong time. But she will now be immortalised as the PM with a shelf life less than a lettuce and that must hurt.

I feel very sorry for Liz Truss but I don’t think many people do. The pressure this poor woman has been under these past few weeks, not to mention the pressure on her husband and children, must have been immense.

After I got booted from the Sunday Times and publicly shamed as a ‘racist’ life became pretty horrible for a while. It got to a stage where I was afraid to go out in public after a particularly nasty confrontation in Rosebank. But I was fortunate to have more supporters than detractors and after a much needed two week vacation in a rented villa in Umbria I returned to three new job offers and life continued much as before, only not at 4 Biermann Avenue. I don’t think Truss has been as fortunate and even among the traditional Tory papers she is portrayed as political toxic waste with the cartoonists in particularly vindictive mood.

So now the Poms are looking for a replacement PM who could be in office even by the time this column appears. The front runner appears to be Rishi Sunak who probably should have got the job first time around. But, oddly, ousted PM Boris (hasta la vista baby) Johnson flew back from his Carribean holiday to throw his hat in the ring which seems like utter madness.

If Johnson had been re-elected then the whole past few months of upheaval would have been utterly pointless. Plus he is still being investigated by the Parliamentary Privileges Committee as to whether he had misled parliament over his comments about flouting lockdown rules. Put in plain English….did he lie to the House of Commons? If found guilty he would have been suspended as an MP and the UK would be looking for yet another PM by Christmas.

Many of the problems that Liz Truss inherited already existed and worsened during Johnson’s time in office, particularly the creaking National Health Service, rising energy costs and food price inflation. Johnson’s Lazarus like reappearance at the dispatch box would have been unlikely to improve matters which is almost certainly why he withdrew from the race.

In fact the only two arguments in favour of a Johnson second try at being PM is that prime minister’s questions would be a lot livelier and that the interior decor at the Downing Street flat wouldn’t need to be changed again at vast expense.


I know a lot of people are a bit spooked by Juju’s latest rant at an EFF rally in the DA governed Western Cape with some reporting him to the perversely named SA Human Rights Commission (a fat lot of good that will do) and Afriforum coming up with a #StopMalema website.

The DA’s Natasha Mazzone even wrote an open letter to Juju challenging him to a public debate; a suggestion that was dismissed by Kim Heller on Twitter as “white arrogance”.

However, I think the Commander in Chief is to be warmly congratulated for setting out his party’s policies so clearly. If only the ANC would do likewise.

Up until now the threat of death for white people in the country has been rather vague with the CinC hinting at its possibility but adding a cautionary ‘not just yet’ rider. Now we have complete clarification with the justification that the EFF is a revolutionary party and that, by its very nature, involves some killing at some point. Otherwise, what would be the fun of being a revolutionary party?

The horrible alternative would be to pose as a serious political party but that would involve coming up with policies to improve people’s lives and that is not only time consuming but also deadly dull work. Killing is much more fun and provides instant gratification as opposed to waiting for ages to see if your five year job creation plan is going to work.

Along with other interesting EFF policies such as open borders in Africa, the abolition of all private property, violent land seizures, the total control of the banking, pension and mining industries (VBS was just a dress rehearsal) and the drastic reorganisation of the judicial system to better reflect the revolutionary climate, the warning that revolution is not for sissies and that anybody not totally happy with the new way of running the country may need a sharp blow to the head with a sharpened panga is totally in tune with revolutionary politics as history has shown.

Praemonitus, praemunitus…… or as the old English saying has it “forewarned is forearmed”. Let the games begin.