POPCRU got its facts wrong - Start-Up National Central

Organisation corrects union's claims about high rate of failure of Israeli start-ups

We recently came across the following article that twice mentions Start-Up Nation Central and our data. In both cases, the information is incorrect. 

Quoting from the article: "According to data from Start-Up Nation Finder every year, about 80% of Israeli start-ups lead to failure."

Start-Up Nation Central has never officially released figures for what percentage of Israeli start-ups fail. In fact, according to our data, of the 1,004 companies established in 2014, some 67% are still active. 

Again, quoting from the article: "Furthermore, according to "Figures from Start-up Nation Central," the number of Israeli start-ups has been shrinking since 2014."

As you can see on the home page of Start-Up Nation Finder (see here), the number of publicly disclosed start-ups currently stands at 6,205. According to our data, at the end of 2014 this number stood at 5,210 and has increased every year since then. Your claim that according to our data, our figures shows that "the number of Israeli of Israeli start-ups has been shrinking since 2014" is patently false. 

Amir Mizroch 
Director of Communications 
Start-Up Nation Central