Raceballs 6

An occasional feature celebrating the wit & wisdom of the colour-blinded and racially obsessed

“Allegations of anti-Semitism at Wits as graffiti calling to ‘Kill a Jew’ is found on campus” – Daily Vox headline to a story on the graffiti above.

“The actions of those who have graffitied "Kill a Jew' on campus are deplorable and we condemn this hate speech.” – @WitsSRC Twitter in response to the graffiti above.

- “But out of all the graffiti on campus? after all the controversial artworks by graffiti artists? defend jews why?” – @WitsEFF tweet in response to the @WitsSRC comment.

“At this point in time I’m waiting to get a report from other SRC members with regards to the “inspiration”, I guess, of the graffiti, but I will be speaking to one of the graffiti artists so I can probably only say something more a bit later,”  [Wits EFF leader and Fallist Cathrine Seabe] said. Seabe speculated that the graffiti may be linked to demands for [Fallist leader Mcebo Dlamini] to be released from prison. “He does have a lot of influence and also it is part of the students’ call and their demand to have Mcebo released,” Seabe said. […] Seabe said the graffiti found yesterday could relate to what happened to the “Fuck white people” incidents. “Outside of [Dlamini] as well, I think it is also not divorced from the ‘fuck white people’ campaign that was there earlier throughout the year,” Seabe said.” - Mail & Guardian report on the incident.


Blacks must now and forever give up all notions of peaceful coexistence with whites and debunk all efforts to reconcile and make the slave an equal to his former master without ending the world as we know it. Such futile exercise as espoused by most religions will render the slave an aspirant of the master's ideals and a self-hater of note! - Western Cape Fallist spiritual leader Pastor Xola Skosana. Facebook.

1994 happened, to the delight of whites and all western imperial forces, without any effort by Mandela's administration to capture the state, instead, as if driving an automated car, waved his hands to the public from the day he took Zeldas'office to the day he left it. The result of such stupidity and failure to capture the state has left us 22 years later with Blacks as landless voting cows. The state must be captured first from the white settler colonialists, it must be captured from all encroaching imperialist forces. - Xola Skosana (again). Facebook.

The new mantra by whites is "Save South Africa" which translates, save our way of life built on stolen wealth. Blacks dont be fooled, Save South Africa has nothing to do with landless Blacks, nothing whatsoever with Free Decolonial African Centred Education. Whites have pulled all the stops, besides the usual Black political careerists, they have successfully wooed and fooled not just gullible Blacks, but some of the senior leaders within the PA/BCM who have abandoned all critical thinking. You have to give it to them, whites came uninvited, stole without measure, when they were caught, they shouted peace and reconciliation and Blacks succumbed. Now that their way of life built on the backs of Blacks is under threat, they cry foul and stupid Blacks cry with them with a Vuvuzela. -  Xola Skosana (yet again). Facebook.

We had prepared for a funeral but the funeral turned into a white wedding. We had come to mourn but were given harps to play music of festivity. We prepared a eulogy, instead, they beat the drum for us to dance. Now they seek to resolve the Black question in courtrooms and in boardrooms. They try to wish away the historic contradiction of this country by smoking a peace pipe and singing kumbaya behind the pulpit. No amount of proselytizing of Blacks or Ubuntufying them will alter their date with destiny. What must be will be, violence begets violence, in violence was the slave-master relationship made, only in violence will it be undone. Both the master and the slave have cheated death, refusing the old self to die. For 22 years the master and the slave mutated like a virus and reinvented themselves into former master and former slave respectively, a lie they feed us everyday. The clock is ticking, the master and the slave are living on borrowed time. No amount of Rainbow nation rhetoric, no amount of social cohesion programs, no constitution, no flag and no national anthem will buy us one second beyond the set time. The Black question can only be resolved on the battlefield where it was created. This country will burn, from its ashes a new country will be born. Then there will be no former slave and there will be no former master, for the former things will be gone. Behold, everything will have been made new! - Xola Skosana (and yet again). Facebook.


“Now because of her racist tirade, caught on video early this year, the driver of the car, Vicki Momberg, is on trial and will probably face a hefty fine. Because of her rant and several others like it, lawmakers in South Africa, where the wounds of apartheid remain raw, are moving to make hate speech a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.[…] Beyond the stiff penalties, critics say, the proposed law would also distract from the real problems in South Africa, where blacks have political power but where economic power and cultural influence remain disproportionately in the hands of whites, who account for only 9 percent of the population. “Race and racism should be understood as structural problems, problems of inequality, to be resolved through a program of justice and not criminalization,” said Joel Modiri, a lecturer in jurisprudence at the University of Pretoria. “Here you have a black-majority society that is essentially demanding protection from a white minority. It’s revealing the deeper problem that you have a majority in this country that is fundamentally powerless.”  – Article by New York Times correspondent Norimitsu Onishi on the draft Hate Bill.








- The examples of recent expressions of anti-minority racial hatred from this year that Norimitsu Onishi chose to provide to the readers of the New York Times.


All Black African, Coloured and Indian people struggle against White racism daily.[…] We must resolutely struggle against White economic control, all forms of prejudice, discrimination and patriarchy. Alongside the efforts of the many organisations and movements such as Save South Africa, we commit to building a state that is open, accountable, ethical, efficient and one that acts in the real economic interests of the working-class particularly Black African, Coloured and Indian people. – Memorandum by Social Justice Coalition and Ndifuna Ukwazi presented to state authorities following a march against state capture in Cape Town, 1 November 2016.

“Don’t impose yourself on these black bodies and use them as specimens for your show, don’t you dare use us as a specimen to try and promote your own supremacist agendas. FeesMustFall affects every student, and we don’t care if we graduate. If it means that we lose the year, then we lose the year. Then what’s going to happen”. –Wits Medical Student and Fallist, Xola Nohaji-Mkoko, to a BBC reporter at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital in Johannesburg, after interrupting an interview with another medical student. Daily Vox

I am not interested in the politics of respectability! I am not fueled by that. My disruption in that moment was fueled by the disapproval of the manner in which the public space and black bodies were being used to propel a one sided supremacist agenda, expressed by a person who has very little understanding of #FMF -guised as an active student…. In that moment I represented the voiceless bodies that were being used in that space. The nursing staff, the mothers and security guards clapped and thanked me for echoing their discontent. It's sad that nobody is interested in their feelings. I thank you for giving me the opportunity represent the voiceless.” - Xola Nohaji-Mkoko (again) on Facebook after the videos of her intervention went viral. Daily Vox.

While I am not condoning the violence – not for a second – I do think that white, middle class South Africans are showing enormous selfishness when they express concern only for the private property or the learning institutions being destroyed, when they complain because their favourite jazz venue got caught in the crossfire, but haven’t said a thing about the appalling abuses that have led to this moment. Yes, I really would rather the protestors hadn’t smashed the Orbit’s windows. I really wish they hadn’t burnt the library. And honestly, that guy who threw a brick at the McDonald’s should have to answer to the law. However, I can see that years of suppression and inequality and broken promises are what got us here – and despite my outrage at the students’ acts of violence, I still think that those years of injustice are the greater evil. - Georgina Guedes, eNCA online.

A national restorative approach may be the only way to curb the criminalisation of student protesters, the racial profiling of black students and black staff, and to rebuild many damaged relationships in our institutions. Students and scholars have worked hard to put the concepts of decolonisation and epistemic violence into everyday discourses and debates, and forced us as a nation to confront the flaws in the narrative of Rainbowism. We see this work of transforming higher education as ongoing, and we commit to continuing to open spaces for the re-imagining of our public universities as spaces of inclusion and African critical scholarship. - Statement of UCT Black Academic Caucus on the Fallist protests. ThoughtLeader.  


I would ask him some interesting questions myself. What did he do when the apartheid regime was slaughtering our people? That is the question I would ask…Because as I check, he is white, and being white means that he is one of those who supported the apartheid regime, and he voted… unless today he says he is one of those who did not vote for apartheid. - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s reply to a provocative question in parliament DA MP Ian Ollis on strike violence (Ollis had suggested that Ramaphosa was trying to get the blood of Marikana off his hands.) YouTube.

The ANC government has adopted legislation that works against Blacks and we must ask why? The Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) gives 90% weight to price and 10% to issues of previously disadvantaged people. How is Pinky ever going to beat Piet with 350 years of advantage? This effectively allows whites to continue to dominate as suppliers of government tenders. In fact, whites despite their arrogance which is propped-up by neo-liberal media continue to be the majority beneficiaries of government tenders. What is it about us, that despite the education we have had even outside the borders of this country, continue to pander to whites, white capitalists and assist in protecting white supremacy? - Pinky Khoabane. Uncensored Opinion.

Even by the standards of Africa’s blood-soaked colonial history, South Africa has an especially brutal past. The apartheid regime met dissent with live fire. The African National Congress eventually resorted to violent tactics in its struggle. – The Economist explains why South Africa’s protests are so violent.

“The problem people have with President Zuma is that President Zuma is helping to decolonise us, South Africa must decolonise, the movement from the ICC is indeed decolonisation, the movement and the focus towards BRICS is decolonisation, so President Zuma is actually what South Africa needs. Just like Hlaudi [Motsoeneng], Hlaudi is trying to decolonise the airwaves, as it were. We’ve got colonised airwaves. We are sitting here and we’re being fed a particular narrative, and Hlaudi’s trying to say people South Africa is not all this bad, there are other good things that be shown on TV, and they want to kill Hlaudi. I think South Africa, ANC in particular will regret the day Hlaudi leaves SABC. They’ll regret it.” - Decolonisation Foundation founder, Mzwanele Manyi, to the SABC and The New Age Business Briefing, discussion on “State Capture” 26 October 2016.

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