Ramaphosa and his Cabinet must pay for their fuel – COPE

Party says it is clear that this govt does not care about negative impact and consequences of increases

President Ramaphosa and his Cabinet must pay for their fuel

3 April 2019

With this latest heavy fuel price increase, we can only predict a very bleak future for our country. 

The nation is already struggling to make ends meet, this will worsen the situation, people are stressed. 

Unemployment will rise, we can expect that crime will also rise, some people will resort to crime to look after their families. 

It is very clear that this government does not care about the negative impact and consequences of these increases, not only motorists that will be hard hit in their pockets but also the rich and the poor, even worse the entire economy will feel the devastating impact of the fuel increases. 

We believe, the day when President Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet will be paying for their own fuel in their vehicles, will be the day when they will get to their senses how expensive and tough life has become. All ministers and their  deputies, including MEC's don't know the price of a litre of petrol or diesel because the taxpayers are paying for their luxurious lifestyles.  

Congress of the People has said many times that this Government has failed our country and incapable in running the affairs of South Africa. 

Our country's economy is destroyed by this incapable group of greedy thugs who their only mission is to loot our country's resources  

The citizens of South Africa will have an opportunity to change their lives in 35 days time, when the country is going to the elections. 

COPE is calling upon the citizens of South Africa to use their power by voting out the ANC government,  and give COPE a chance to govern the country.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, Secretary of Communications, COPE. 3 April 2019