Ramaphosa unfit to be saviour of the nation – COPE

Party says cheap political rhetoric cannot absolve ANC from taking full responsibility for sorry state nation is in

Cyril Ramaphosa lacks integrity and is unfit to be saviour of the nation

14 February 2019

The shameful attempt by the corruption infested ANC to portray President Cyril Ramaphosa as clean and some sort of saviour of our nation is not only disingenuous but is clutching at straws and an act of desperation at damage control. 

It is hilarious, coming from a common denominator in almost all revelations of corruption and state capture, to now claim to have "learned hard lessons ....and implemented vigilance needed to stop creeping lawlessness, greed...". Cheap political rhetoric cannot absolve the party of corruption from taking full responsibility for the sorry state the nation finds itself in. They have betrayed the trust of the people and it is time for this relic to be consigned to the dustbin of history. 

It is the ANC and it's leaders who are on trial at the Zondo Commission and other forums established through public pressure to clean up corruption. Fact is that Cyril Ramaphosa is highly compromised and complicit in the "9 wasted years" that ushered endemic corruption and destruction of Eskom and other state institutions. 

He was a willing participant in Zuma's devious schemes and can't sweet talk himself out of this mess. He must bear full responsibility for defending the Nkandla scandal which the Constitutional Court found that both the Executive, of which he was Deputy President, and Parliament, of which he was Leader of Government Business, had failed to uphold the constitution. 

In 2008 Mosiuoa Lekota, and other COPE leaders, left the ANC because of their strong conviction that the erstwhile liberation movement had veered away from the values of constitutionalism and betrayed the 1994 vision of non- racialism and a better life for all the people. 

Today COPE is vindicated and Mosiuoa Lekota and COPE are already being absolved by the March of history from an orgy of greed and personal aggrandizement perpetrated by the ANC leadership. Any attempt at besmirching the character of President Lekota is dead in the water because his credibility and integrity is beyond reproach. 

The ANC can only be envious of such visionary leader without a Marikana massacre question marks hanging over his head. Our leaders have never used their political positions to amass wealth through dodgy BEE empowerment schemes at the expense of disadvantaged mining communities. 

We fully stand behind our President, Mosiuoa Lekota. We support him all the way as he fights against ANC betrayal but for the interests of the most down trodden in society. 

Issued by Dennis Bloem, Secretary of Communication, COPE, 14 February 2019