"Richard Wilkinson: Roedean School’s woke and broke Anti-Discrimination policy" - BizNews

And four other of the top stories on the business news website, 25 August 2023

JOHANNESBURG – Five of the top stories on BizNews.com, Friday, 25 August 2023:

1.  Richard Wilkinson: Roedean School’s “Anti-Discrimination” Policy and what’s wrong with it

2.  Anthea Jeffery on the Multiparty Charter: Uniting for growth, challenging socialist legacy

3.  Ruda on Derek – the other half of Carte Blanche on her relentless ‘paddy paws’ partner

4.  How opposition’s voices were harmonised into a Multi-Party Charter – Zanele Morrison 

5.  BN@10: Ian Cameron – Crime’s taproot: SAPS tops jobs are now ANC cadre retirement gigs

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