SANEF established to protect white journalists – EFF

That Forum hasn't spoken out on intimidation of black journos who reported on SARS Rogue Unit, speaks volumes

EFF condemns the intimidation of journalists Mzilikazi Wa Afrika and Piet Rampedi

9 July 2019

The EFF condemns the intimidation of Mzilikazi Wa Afrika and Piet Rampedi over their journalistic work on the Rogue Unit. The two journalists have reported that there are individuals who follow them around, take pictures of them and their cars; the perfect work of espionage agents. In essence, these journalists are being spied on.

It is very clear that working on exposing the covert operations of the SARS rogue unit puts journalists as targets of the same covert operations. Our democracy does not need such elements and they must be exposed and face the full might of the law.

Media freedom is critical to the democratic health of holding those in power accountable. Once journalists are beaten to submission, the truth will be hidden and abuse of power by those in the state will go unpunished.

We call on Wa Afrika and Rampedi to open criminal cases with the SAPS so that necessary investigative action can be taken, including provision of protection for their lives.

We further condemn SANEF's silence on the spying of these journalists. Had it been white joumalists complaining about being spied on, SANEF would have released and inundated the country with statements, including going to open a criminal case itself.

That they have not spoken out against the abuse of Wa Afrika and Rampedi shows which interests SANEF really is established for: the protection of white journalists, and utter neglect of blacks in the field.

Finally, we urge Mzilikazi Wa Afrika and Piet Rampedi to report these espionage agents and their activities to the Inspector General for Intelligence so as to establish if they are not related to the Rogue Unit that existed in SARS, as establish Pravin Gordhan.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 9 July 2019