Springbolloks from the ANC

David Bullard says 'stronger together' is not a theme exactly central to our ruling party's philosophy


The 28th October was Oktoberfest beer festival on the estate on which I reside. That this happened on the same day as our match with the All Blacks was a happy coincidence and just added to the festive spirit.

The day started at 9am with a 2,5km walk and a 5km or 10km run through the vineyards which surround our homes. I volunteered as a marshal this year and took up my station just before nine to make sure that the runners took the correct route through the vineyards and the walkers veered off right to complete the shorter course.

My other responsibility was to regulate the traffic flow and make sure nobody was injured. The 10km runners were due to do two circuits of the estate and I am pretty sure about 40 of them passed through on the first circuit so all I had to do was to wait for them to pass through on the second circuit. 

So I waited and then two runners appeared who were obviously taking the whole thing seriously and then there was a gap of around four minutes and a bunch of stragglers came through.

After a few more minutes more of my neighbours appeared, panting and wheezing and since that appeared to be it I deserted my post and went off for a Saggy Stone desert lager at 10:15 in the morning, surrounded by people wearing Springbok jerseys. ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

The day continued with the beer flowing, traditional German food, lots of oompah band music (interspersed with some Dire Straits) and lively debate on the possible outcome of the evening’s match.

When the final result became known later in the evening the crowd in front of the giant TV screen in the Lifestyle centre were ecstatic and I suspect our reserve stock of Jägermeister may need replenishing.

Cars hooted on the short drive home and cheers were heard late into the night. Apparently, according to the mainstream media, this was exactly what we needed as a country to lift our spirits from the daily doom and gloom visited on us by the ruling criminal enterprise known as the ANC.

Which was why I found it slightly strange that load shedding suddenly reappeared the moment the final whistle went in Paris. Having had nothing for days we now have six hours of no electricity scheduled for 31st October and it’s probably going to get worse again.

Given their plummeting rating in popularity polls the ANC will almost certainly want to take credit for the Springbok win and will probably blabber on about the strength of a multi-racial side thanks to their fight against apartheid.

But ‘stronger together’ is not really a theme that is central to the ANC philosophy. On the contrary, they have spent the best part of the last fifteen years being as racially divisive as possible and making it perfectly clear that the white man is rapidly approaching his expiry date in South Africa.

Since October 7th with the ANC’s unwavering support for the Hamas terrorists and the destruction of the state of Israel the divisiveness has been unambiguously extended to the Jewish community in our country.

Naledi Pandor has been nothing short of a disgrace in her handling of this issue while the Frogboiler has remained mute, obviously keen to avoid confrontation as ever.

Meanwhile the EFF have also come out strongly in favour of Palestine (and by extension Hamas terrorism) by failing to condemn the attacks on Isrealis. The idiot child Malema also led a picket to the Israeli embassy calling for its closure and all Israeli imports to be banned.

At the moment the EFFers are targeting Woolworths and DisChem but after a couple of fire-bombings at select stores I am sure they will extend their brief to other businesses with Jewish connections.

In fact, it shouldn’t be too long before the boy genius extends his demands for the closure of the UK, US, German, French, Italian and all other countries backing Israel’s right to defend its territory. In which case we can wave goodbye to all international trade and tourism.

Hopefully though common sense will prevail and the rantings of the idiot child will go unheeded. The only nagging problem is that Malema’s enthusiasm for Hamas terrorist tactics is almost certainly an indication of the sort of terror he and his foot soldiers would like to use on the ‘land thieves’ in South Africa.

Malema has made his hatred of whites quite clear on many occasions without any fear of prosecution. He has urged his followers not to be afraid of death in the pursuit of the revolution.

As with Hamas, death brings glory for an EFF fighting machine although it’s doubtful whether the budget stretches to 72 virgins (supply is another issue) for each EFF martyr. Anyone in any doubt as to Malema’s clear political message is either wilfully stupid or has been in a coma for the past twelve years.

So my dear readers, savour the rugby triumph over the All Blacks by all means but know that the future of SA has never been more uncertain, particularly if you are a member of a minority ethnic group.


Paul Mashatile, our personable deputy president and something of a playboy if certain media reports are to be believed, is just a breath away from leading our great country. In fact, if Frogboiler decided that having a multi-billion rand bank account and a glorious mansion overlooking the Atlantic ocean was as good a reason as any to chuck in the towel, Pauly would be the top dog already and it would have been him hugging and kissing the Bokkies and not Cyril.

Vile stories have been spread in the media about Paul and his Cape Town parties with scantily clad chicks in mansions along the fashionable part of the coastline. Then there was the ugly business where some of his VIP protection goons were filmed beating up a motorist; none of which has (or probably ever will) come to court as a proven case.

In fact, the last time the said goons appeared in court they were all allowed to wear masks and balaclava style face coverings just so the magistrate wouldn’t have a clue whether the right people were appearing before him.

This privilege, sadly, isn’t afforded to common people accused of a crime because they are expected to appear in court unmasked. But horses for courses in our ‘demockracy’ hey!

In his submission to Parliament as part of the Register of Member’s interests Mashatile declared that the R37 million home in the Waterfall Estate in Midrand is his, rather than his son in law’s as was first suggested. This has led to right wing journos from News24 and similarly nosy news sources asking how a politician, albeit a senior politician, can afford such a high priced property on a modest salary of only R2.8 million pa (or thereabouts) and making malicious insinuations about criminal connections in Alex.

Admittedly Mashatile has an official residence and doesn’t have to pay for food, heating, cars, travel etc like the riffraff do but that house would still cost around R200 000 a month in bond repayments assuming he had paid half the cost of the property in hard cash. How does the son of a domestic worker and a lay preacher, brought up as a struggle stalwart afford such things?

Well, the answer is absurdly simple.

All over the tattier suburbs of Joburg (are there any non tatty ones?) there are posters from prophets and pastors inviting you to rekindle old romances, learn the coming week’s lottery numbers, achieve priapic bedroom success and all this for a modest consultancy fee. My guess is that our deputy president may well have used the services of one such prophet.

Having saved on expenses in his early days as a politician by making his own sandwiches to take to work and buying his shoes from a charity shop Paul managed to eventually save R25 000.

This, on the advice of a prophet, he put on a roulette table on the number 17 at odds of 35-1. He won R875 000 that night and immediately went off to thank the prophet and ask for further advice which was to put the whole R875 000 on the number 23 on his next visit to the casino. The number came up and, at 35-1, Pauly cashed in R30 625 000. Almost enough for a half decent house on a swanky equestrian estate. A couple more modest wagers and Pauly had the moolah to live the good life.

That’s how it’s done then. Some poor saps work a lifetime to achieve material gains; others are just luckier or smarter. Our president in waiting is just a very lucky and smart guy. No argument.