Sunday Times story reflects WMC desperation - Carl Niehaus

Have this morning consulted attorneys and leave this matter in their capable hands


Sunday, 10 December 2017

I have noted the Sunday Times article that contains unsubstantiated allegations against me on a matter dating back to eleven years ago, going back to 2006. These allegations, by a nameless source concerning an alleged debt, were given more prominent coverage than the Steinhoff misappropriation of over R12 billion of tax payer’s monies.

There can be no doubt that the smear by the Sunday Times in terms of its claims and the timing is part of the persistent attempt by the media to influence the ANC Elective Conference in favour of their preferred candidate whose numbers do not add up. WMC, and their mainstream media mouthpieces, are hell bent on avoiding Radical Economic Transformation (RET) from being implemented. Thus, WMC media displays the same desperate behaviour that was prevalent in the run up to the Polokwane Conference, which led to them turning themselves into propagandists for an ANC faction, and distributing fake news packaged as stories.

The attack against me is consistent with the campaign by the white owned-media against the ANC presidential campaign of Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, or anyone is seen to be involved in her campaign. We call on all South Africans not be fooled by these smear campaigns and attacks, and to rally decisively behind Radical Economic Transformation.

I will at this stage make no further comment, which will only serve to elevate this smear by the Sunday Times. I have this morning consulted with my attorneys and leave this matter in their capable hands to proceed with appropriate legal steps.

Issued by Carl Niehaus in my personal capacity, 20 December 2017