The ANC is dishonest - Kallie Kriel

AfriForum CEO says ruling party apparently preparing to break historic agreements

Changes to the Constitution: The ANC is a dishonest party that breaks accords

The civil rights organisation AfriForum responded to reports in the media that the ANC is considering drastic changes to the Constitution, by saying that the ANC is a dishonest party, apparently prepared to break agreements reached during the erstwhile constitutional negotiations, without batting an eyelid.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, it looks in hindsight as if the ANC had regarded compromises made by the party during the constitutional negotiations to be mere temporary concessions that had to be made simply in order to obtain political power.

"Now that the ANC has gained control over almost all forces of power and constitutional institutions, the party apparently is not concerned about the agreements any longer. The ANC had misled other participants in the negotiation process by pretending that they wanted to reach a final agreement to the benefit of all in the country," Kriel added.

Kriel warned that the ANC is playing with fire by breaking negotiated accords. "The ANC's breaking of negotiated agreements will lay the foundation for renewed polarisation in the country," Kriel said.

Statement issued by Kallie Kriel, CEO: AfriForum, March 4 2012

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