The highest form of white supremacy and arrogance

Justice Piitso responds to Douglas Gibson's article on why the ANC won't win the ANC

Ambassador Douglas Gibson a phantom harboring the highest form expressions of white supremacy and arrogance.

During the Second Pan- African Youth Seminar in Dar Es Salaam in 1961, the President of the ANC, Oliver Reginald Tambo said the following about racial problems in South Africa"

The demon of racism has to be uprooted in its totality. It brutalizes entire peoples, destroys persons, warps the process of thought and injects into human society, a foul air of tension, mutual antagonism and hatred. It demeans and dehumanizes both victim and practitioner".

Few days ago, our former Ambassador to the Republic of Thailand, Amb Douglas Gibson, published an article in which he unambiguously declared that the ANC will never again rule the province of the Western Cape. He accuses the ANC of continuously insulting the people of the province.

Above his comprehension is the theoretical formulation by Vladimir Lenin that" in a revolution, there are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen. A revolution can never be forecast, it cannot be foretold, and it comes of itself".

The preposition of his critique to the ANC has uncovered in him a psychopath which seeks to persuade the whole country that white domination and supremacy is a divine right. An absurd notion which suggest that the Western Cape province is just a colonial outpost destined to serve only the previously advantaged white community of our country.

Without fear of any contradictions, the growing white arrogance and supremacy has become a common thread to our transition to democracy. The demon of racism continuous to exacerbate divisions and antagonism in our society.

Over the centuries of imperialism and colonial oppression, racial chauvinism became a dominant factor within the realms of the South African socio economic and political landscapes. Racial domination has being a dominant factor in shaping social relations in our society.

Our task today is to defeat the myth and the historical sequence constituted by the Apartheid colonial domination that white are superior human beings above the overwhelming majority of our people. Our task is to defeat any tendency which seeks to cultivate racial tensions and antagonism in our society

Therefore racial domination and oppression has been the rallying point of the struggle of our people for national liberation. Even today it remains a legacy which defines the historical roots of our socio economic contradictions.

Our lessons and experiences are that racism is about power, is about domination and superiority of one race over the other. In our country it has been the means and the end to marginalise the overwhelming majority of our people from the mainstream economy ownership patterns.

During the French revolution, the bourgeoisie overthrew the system of feudalism and therefore changed the relationship between the peasants and the landlords, and between the bourgeoisie and the feudal lords. It was one of the most important milestone achievements in the history of the development of human society.

It was an unprecedented historic event that completely altered class relations from the primitive feudal economic system into the present system of capitalist economic ownership in our society. The essence here being the truth that a revolution is essentially about the passage of power from one class into the other.

In our own South African situation, our national democratic revolution is about dismantling the Apartheid socio economic ownership patterns and ending racial exploitation and oppression. It is therefore about transferring power from the white minority to the overwhelming majority of the black people of our country.

The content of our national democratic revolution is the liberation of the black people in general and the African people in particular. Our strategic objective is the construction of a non racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous society.

The national question in our country remains to express the socio economic contradictions of the centuries old legacies of imperialism and the racist Apartheid colonial system. Therefore our national democratic revolution is about resolving contradictions arising out of our colonial relations.

Ambassador Douglas Gibson is vilifying thousands of the members and supporters of the ANC for having descended into the Western Cape province to attend our 103th anniversary celebrations rally. In his diminished imagination, it is a taboo that thousands of the South African working class and the poor across our country, can afford the visit to the Western Cape province.

He labels thousands of our members and supporters as rent a crowd that was intended to impress the city, the province and the country. He accuses our people of having filled the five stars hotels, restaurants, night clubs and quaffed expensive liquor and ate gourmet food in the city.

Amongst others he refers the President of our country and the ANC Cde Jacob Zuma as a poor man who does not understand what democracy is and the Secretary General of the ANC Cde Qwede Mantashe as a racist.

Little does he mention the most absurd statements by Premier Hellen Zille that black people are refugees in the own motherland.

It is indeed much worrisome that a calibre of the person of his standing in society can stoop so low to a phantom harboring expressions of such highest forms of white supremacy and arrogance. A phantom that cannot appreciate that hatred, arrogance, greed, ignorance and bigotry are the worst enemiesof the people of our country.

The tendency by those opposed to the transformation of our country, is to blame our national liberation movement for the prevailing socio economic conditions which are not of our own making. To them our transition has become a basis for continued attacks of our national democratic revolution.

Our battle with revisionism and opportunism in our country remains the most protracted and tortious one. In our lifetime our people will liberate themselves from the bastion of neo colonialism in the Western Cape.

Ambassador Douglas Gibson must be awake to the realities that our people are determined to liberate themselves from the quagmire of imperialism and neo colonial domination. Our people will see the victory of their struggle against the racist DA led government in the Western Cape.

The founding father of our national liberation movement, Pixley ka Isaka Seme says "the demon of racialism must be buried and forgotten, it has shed among us sufficient blood: we are one people. These divisions, these jealousies, are the cause of all our woes and of all our backwardness and ignorance today."

Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity

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