The US is sponsoring regime change in SA

Justice Piitso says millions of rands sponsored by the CIA is being used by opposition parties to buy our people


Over the last weekend, tumultuous crowds welcomed the President of the ANC and the country Cde Jacob Zuma, during the launch of the local government election manifesto at the FNB stadium Gauteng province. The spectacular event was witnessed by millions of the people of our country and the whole of the African continent.

Thousands of staunch members of the ANC filled the stadium to its capacity as more were struggling from the outside to enter into the historic gathering. The songs of our liberation struggle and freedom from the roaring crowds reverberated into the inner city of Johhanesburg and through the streets of SOWETO.

We attribute the success of the mother of all rallies to the industrious collective of the ANC and its alliance partners under the leadership of Cde Paul Mashatile. Our glorious movement is indeed in the hands of true sons and daughters of the soil.

We extent our thanks to the collective leadership of our traditional leaders, business community, traditional healers, church community, progressive youth formations, non governmental organizations, and the entire of the civil society formation in the province.

The leadership of the province has proven itself to be the vanguard of the struggles of our people. They have ensured that the ANC is part of the masses of the people, and the masses themselves are part of the ANC.

The scale and organization of the event was true to the words of the leader of the world communist movement Vladimir Lenin when he said"

If you want to help ‘the masses’ and to win the sympathy, confidence and support of ‘the masses,’ you must not fear difficulties, you must not fear the pin-pricks, chicanery, insults and persecution of the ‘leaders’ …, but must imperatively work wherever the masses are to be found.”

The leadership of the Alliance in the province has defeated the empty drums of insults and name calling by the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters. Our national democratic revolution cannot be stopped by the barking sounds of jackals at moon.

Throughout the world there is a growing momentum by forces of imperialism to undermine the leadership role of national liberation movements in the former colonies and semi colonies. In our country the growing offensive is to isolate the leadership of the ANC from the masses of our people.

The rise of the son of a peasant Cde Jacob Zuma to the position of the President of the most advanced economy in the African continent, has stirred paranoia within the corridors of the white bourgeoisie. It has become difficult for them to come to terms with the reality that our bourgeour democratic republic is presided over by a President from a peasant background.

In Venezuela the rise of the son of the working class President Nicolas Maduro, the son of man from the humble beginnings of being a bus driver, leading one of the most successful socialist revolutions of our century, is confronted by the toughest battles to defeat regime change conspiracy from the US sponsored counter revolution in his country.

The systematic effort by the US sponsored regime change strategy is so intense that the millions of the marginalized people, may feel that both the subjective and the objective factors are conniving against the liberation movement across the world. The US regime change strategy has become living threat to the stability of the world of humanity.

The common posture of the US regime change strategy is to weaken the revolutionary movement from within its ranks and therefore undermine the unity of the struggle of our people for socio economic transformation. The forces of imperialism and neo colonialism are aware that unity is the only guarantee for the success of the revolution.

In our country these forces have been consistent in denigrating the image of the leadership of the ANC and the revolutionary alliance. The myth is that the African majority are incapable of liberating themselves from the legacy of colonialism of a special type.

Our movement is constantly under attack from the remnants of the former apartheid racist state and some of the self proclaimed intellectuals of our modern times. The mandate is to undermine the historic mission of our democratic government to change the apartheid socio economic ownership patterns.

The majority of the so called professors of public opinion could not stand the test of time when our people needed them most to confront the brutality of the apartheid state which the world community declared a crime against humanity. In the shadow of cowardice they instead chosen to polish the shoes of the masters.

Today they have the audacity to perambulate themselves as peace time heroes and true custodians of the values of the constitution of our democratic republic. History has told us that chameleons are the best to adapt themselves to the ever changing world material conditions.

In their decorated language of the Westminster, what they know about the constitution is only the respect of the oath of office and nothing more. To our surprise they are consciously ignoring to interrogate one of the most controversial clauses of our constitution which is the property clause.

This is precisely because their agenda is one just to maintain the status qua of the apartheid socio economic ownership patterns. They will never dare to pose to the master the most difficult questions.

Few weeks ago I went to Mamelodi township to visit one of my friends Cde Isaac " bra chicks" Maroga. Whilst at his house we were approached by two young boys who were coming back from a rally organized by the Democratic Alliance.

I ask them about the difference between the ANC and the DA and the answer was that the DA is far better than the ANC because it pays people for attending their rallies. They were proud that the DA is giving them a monthly stipend of two hundred rands for attending its meetings.

The principal differences between the ANC and the DA is that the ANC regards our people as the motive forces of our revolution whilst the DA regards them as the clients of its programme for regime change.

The concept of the motive force of our revolution is necessarily about responding to the historic objective realities of centuries of apartheid oppression and exploitation. It is about the liberation of the black people in general and the African people in particular.

At the same time the DA has classified the black majority of our people as its clients to effect regime change strategy in our country. The contribution of a black person to the political value chain is only important so far as he protects the interests of the white minority.

Millions of rands sponsored by the CIA is spent by the DA and EFF in an effort to buy our people as fodder to win most of the metros across the big cities of our country. The fighting strategy is to take over metros and some of the strategic municipalities such as Tswane, Johhanesburg, Sedibeng, Nelson Mandela, Polokwane, Mbombela, Rustenburg, Burgesrfort, Ethekwini, Cape Town and many others.

In the history for the liberation of humanity, there was ever no any other organization like the ANC, which has achieved so much to change the quality of the lifes of the people in a short space of twenty years. Even if much is still to be done, the ANC has illuminated the flames of hope to the millions of our people.

Our democratic government has recorded much progress in the field of rural development, agriculture, education, health, social services, safety and security, women and youth empowerment, local government, economy, and all fields across the spectra of our society.

The ANC remains the only hope to the aspirations and wishes of the majority of the people of our country. It remains to be the embodiment of the struggles of our people.

It is for this reason that we all ensure that the ANC gets an overwhelming two thirds majority in the forthcoming local government elections. The ANC is the only political formation capable of taking forward the process for the transformation of our country.

Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity.