There is no honour amongst politicians

Musa Xulu on Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko's fall-out, and Jacob Zuma's coming troubles

History according to any reasonable man should be a judge of the accuracy of all prophesies (and/or predictions). In my case, there are many predictions that I have made over the past 10 years which became reality in modern day South African politics. But none are more telling and bolder that the one that I will make at the end of this article which if all else that I foresee unfolding does eventuate then it too might very well happen.

This article is not about me and/or claiming the bragging rights to the effect that I have consistently made near perfect predictions on the course of historic events. It is however about analysing politicians and the precarious world that they live in which makes them to behave like animals which turn on each other at a whim. This article is also not about opening up old wounds some of which have healed on the part of those who took exception to my writings and stances nor about invoking new conflict suffice to say that history has thus far judged me correct in all the previous predictions.

This article is instead about highlighting the level and degree to which politicians will do just about anything and everything in order to starve off adversaries and save their own skins. In the underworld, there is a famous expression which goes thus, "there is no honour amongst thieves". I would however argue that this expression is more fitting when it is attributed to the politicians' misdemeanours more so than the thieves.

In politics, it is a dog eat dog world and events therein present a classic manifestation of the law of the jungle, "kill or be killed" - put differently it is the survival of not only the fittest but the smartest in outmanoeuvring the opponents and allies alike (backstabbing in the latter instance).

Let me digress a bit and delve into the shocking news that greeted South Africa in the aftermath of the announcement of the election results with regards to the official opposition. It is not an accident of history that Ms Lindiwe Mazibuko is no longer the DA's parliamentary leader. The fact that she has as yet refused to open up about the real reasons behind her sudden departure from its party ranks is a sign that all is now well

It was sudden in the eyes of many of course although to her and from where I am seated, I think that it was designed to strike a low blow to the one who sought to remote control her. I mean, the timing thereof was carefully planned to perfection such that she would have the last laugh and she indeed was "isina muva elibukwayo".  

For me, one who has always prophesied the future events of history in the South African political scene and got them spot on, the writing was always on the wall that once she had carved out a character of her own and importantly no longer danced to the tune of the DA leader (Ms Helen Zille) or stopped taking a cue from her, she would be removed from her borrowed powerful position (i.e. leader of the official opposition in parliament). Be that as it may, she must nonetheless be applauded for standing up to her puppet master albeit it took a while before she came to her senses - a philosophy of rather starving in dignity than eating shame.

Now, I don't mean to use the term, "coming to her senses" in a derogatory manner nor do I mean to undermine her intelligence either though. Far from it actually and instead it is meant to signify that she came to a realisation that she was being (ab)used.

Once upon a time, Ms Mazibuko penned an article entitled, "Musa Xulu is a graceless victor in a race war of his own making" (see here). As history has had it, history has proved me right in that it was not after all a race war of my own making - this very race war is raging in the Democratic Alliance. Furthermore that the very race war that she argued against as being non-existent, has seen to her falling out or by the way side or being estranged to her key benefactor towards the latter part of her tenure - at least those in the know tell us that much.

In that article, I had argued that some in the DA still harboured ambitions of taking our country back to the ugly days of apartheid (or racial oppression as it were). This was an informed opinion piece wherein I intimated that there was and still is a considerable percentage of DA members who are ultra-right and who found a home in the DA only because the likes of FF+ and the late Eugene Terblanche's AWB parties were floundering. Accordingly, in the DA they saw a real chance to challenge for power and change the status quo in our country's democratic system. They are of course still trying their luck through other pillars of democracy which they (ab)use to undermine the will of the people.

The party was previously known as the Democratic Party (DP) and the party espouses liberal democracy and free market principles. The party's forerunner was the Progressive Federal Party (PFP) whose veteran politician, Helen Suzman was its only representative in the white apartheid parliament for many years. In 1994, Mr Tony Leon, who became DP leader, succeeded Mr Zac de Beer thus introducing a more aggressive approach to opposition politics which culminated in many run-ins with former President Thabo Mbeki.

In 2000, the DP joined forces with the New Nationalist Party (NNP) to form the Democratic Alliance (DA) but like the failed and ill-advised marriage with Agang SA early this year, in late 2001 the NNP withdrew from the pact. In August 2004 the NNP's national executive decided to disband the party and its public representatives thereafter fell under the ANC.

On 21 January 2013, Gareth van Onselen (the DA's former spin doctor or propagandist if you wish) penned an article about the Erosion of the DA's liberal values which further supports my argument about the real DA and not the party that wants a Black vote by claiming to be that which it is not in real terms. The racial tensions do in fact exist in not only within the DA but in the country at large (with the ANC included albeit in a subtle way that is usually suppressed in the case of the latter).

It is now history that amongst many racially motivated/charged incidents, that we have witnessed as a country, we saw some female cleaners at the University of Free State being duped to drink urine. About 2 years ago, some aggrieved AWB members were plotting to bomb the ANC conference in Mangaung. About 10 years earlier the same party's members ran amok by bombing a service station in Chaiwelo, Soweto and were planning to destabilise the country by staging a coup de tat. A while ago in Tzaneen, a farmer short a Black child and claimed that he thought that it was a baboon to mention but a few.

Now, going back to Ms Mazibuko, at the time that she wrote her article under the principle of "right to respond", she effectively tried to ridicule my piece or downplay the alarm that I was raising. She interestingly was then the DA's National Spokesperson, a position that was later assumed by Mmusi Maimane who incidentally also succeeded her as the DA's parliamentary leader.

Some may think that it is a sheer coincidence that Maimane's meteoric rise to power mirrors that of Ms Mazibuko and/or that they have followed similar paths in their rapid career growth paths within the DA but it is not. The reader will notice that I deliberately didn't use the word ‘political' growth here and this is because theirs is/was a carefully charted career path. Importantly, it doesn't or didn't necessarily depend on the will of the party members but the will of one powerful and iron fisted lady in the party whose stranglehold on power is beginning to scare her former allies.

The fact that Ms Zille had the audacity to claim that she "made Ms Lindiwe Mazibuko" or at least she is alleged to have said so by well-placed sources within and without her party is further testimony to my assertion that she is a puppet master after all. Furthermore, the fact that it was not the DA's highest decision making body (i.e. Federal Congress) which first pronounced on who should ideally lead the party in parliament, lends further credence to her accusers that Ms Zille is authoritarian in her leadership style. Granted, no leader would ever manage to lead a cohesive party if he/she deferred all decision making to his/her executive as that continual consultation would lead to decision making paralysis.

But the DA leader's hysteria and paranoia that followed the revelations by her aforementioned former spin doctor and former party propagandist's (Gareth van Onselen's) article about why Ms Mazibuko really left the DA is a dead giveaway that he touched a raw nerve in his analysis.

I would argue further that partly, Ms Zille is of course correct in that she made Ms Mazibuko because of the intricacies of how the latter got the position to work for the DA in the first place - this without taking anything away from the latter nor giving undue credit to the former. Those in the know tell us that Ms Mazibuko impressed Ms Zille in an interview when the former (i.e. Ms Mazibuko) was doing a research to write her thesis wherein she sought the opinions of the opposition political party leaders about their state of affairs in South Africa's democratic system.

I also figured that much that this is the DA's modus operandi which it uses to recruit its future leaders or candidates thereto from my cousin in academia. Hers is a classic case in point because they once offered her a position and/or recruited her in similar vein but in her case, she turned down the offer. Typically, it starts as an offer of employment and one is sucked into the DA's political system and enticed with political patronage.

I don't by any chance claim to know the DA or its party mechanics nor do I mean to make an ad hominem attack on Ms Zille nor cast aspersions on her integrity either because I don't know her nor do I know much about her party for that matter. Besides that, she is at liberty to run her party any which way she deems fit and thus I write under correction should my research be incorrect.

As far as I am concerned, mine is to offer a balanced view and an analysis of the mentality of rent a Black which prevails in the DA and elsewhere (which is incidentally also prevalent in corporate South Africa too). Accordingly I seek to sensitise other unsuspecting Black protégés not to be duped into believing that they have or will have made it on their own accord in their rise within the party ranks of the DA whereas they will have been made by the almighty (Ms Zille) and that they may be ditched at a whim if they become too independent minded.

For her part, Ms Zille is to be commended for growing her party membership and voters to a level of garnering over 4 million votes as per the last elections results in a space of 7 years, since declaring her candidacy on 15 March 2007 to succeed Mr Tony Leon to her ultimate successful ascension to power on 6 May 2007 - incidentally the same year that her arch nemesis was to take over power in the ANC. She has done extremely well by any stretch of imagination but she too is becoming a victim of her own successes. They say, "too much power is running to her head" which is the same trend that usually manifests on the part of the ANC leaders.

This article was also not about revealing the outsider's view of the demons engulfing the DA though and instead it is more about telling a story that politicians are not honourable. I am thus using specific predictions over the past 5 out of the 10 year period that I have been making these predictions in order to support my conclusion. I will therefore be excused for getting carried away with analysis on the DA and its leader. A probable reason for this excessive analysis is that I, like others who mentioned this point or questioned the timing thereof, find it curious that the revelations that Ms Mazibuko was incompetent in parliament only came after she dropped a bombshell on them.

Now in terms of those predictions, amongst others this includes an article, when for instance the now nearly defunct Congress of the People (COPE) movement was launched 6 years ago. I boldly predicted that it, "...was doomed to extinction". When the latter party went into a coalition with amongst others the UDM and DA, I predicted that the coalition was bound to fail. I offered reasons and intimated that it was because it was made up of power mongers whose characteristic traits were too similar in that they all wanted to lead and they importantly would not allow/want to be led by others.

When the current President Jacob Zuma was fired (and/or relieved of duty if you care) back in June 2005 as Deputy President, I boldly predicted 6 days later on 20 June that year that he would rise again to not only become the President of the ANC and added that he would later become the President of the Republic of South Africa in an article titled, "Mbeki has no power over Zuma". In late 2006, I predicted that former President Thabo Mbeki would not finish his second term as President of the Republic of South Africa and two years later he was sadly recalled by the ANC.

When President Zuma had just assumed the reins as President of the country, I foretold that he would fall out with most of his trusted lieutenants - especially those who had played a major role in putting him in power. I went on to predict that he would turn on them vice versa because, "umbeki wenkosi akabusi nayo" (i.e. a kingmaker doesn't rule with the King). It is now history that two of the three musketeers no longer see eye to eye with him with a fourth fervent supporter who was once prepared to die for him, wanting him dead - albeit not literally but this is a figure of speech.

I had then juxtaposed Mr Zuma's predicament to that of Patrice Lumumba in an article titled, "is there an international conspiracy against Zuma?" I had of course back then countered that threat by saying that Zuma is a wily old fox and doyen of ANC power plays who can adapt and reinvent himself. He boasts 23 years (then 18 years) of unbroken stranglehold on power in the ANC's top 6 sub structure, having first broken into the top leadership position in the NEC in 1991 at the 48th national conference held in Durban as Deputy Secretary to his now Deputy President (Mr Cyril Ramaphosa) interestingly.

The pattern and sequence of events however suggests that Mr Zuma may himself not finish his second term of office as the President of the country because he too has committed the same mistakes as his then comrade of 30 years and friend by creating too many enemies.

The ever growing coalition of the wounded will intensify after the NGC in mid-2015 who may come together with those who failed to stop him in 2007. I reckon that no leader will continually succeed to starve off adversaries when he/she surrounds himself with his/her enemies. Now, Mr Zuma personifies the adage, "if you must keep your friends closer, then you must keep your enemies closest". These are two former friends of many years in the struggle with two divergent leadership styles where one surrounded himself with Yes men and women whilst the other surrounds himself with enemies which have been converted into allies.

Let me quickly clarify that I am non-partisan in all the ANC's factional fights lest I be labelled but I know this much - there are too may wolves in a sheep skin surrounding Mr Zuma who may very well seek political favour elsewhere once his power has waned.

This assessment is of course coming from the self-same person who predicted in November 2012 that Mr Zuma would get his second term in Mangaung to become the President of the ANC. Oh! In 2008 shortly after the watershed 52nd national conference which was held in Polokwane I predicted that Mr Zuma would get a second term as the President of the country in 2014 too. So clearly, I am merely continuing the trend of making predictions which might eventuate as I see things pan out in the future.

Let me add further that the reason that I am always spot on is because I remove sentiment and analyse the facts at my disposal including other factors which are not in the public domain but which I am privy to. Importantly however I don't predict based on my political activism nor favouritism nor fear nor bias even but rather it is foresight which comes to me after observation. This enables me to see things that have not yet happened and pin point as to which direction it is likely to unfold.

I don't mean to invite enemies either nor do I wish for close scrutiny, as has happened to disastrous and near fatal consequences for me which affected both my personal and professional life, as a result of interventions from/by those who will take offence. I challenge anyone who has any doubts about the accuracy of my previous predictions to go back to some of the articles that I wrote as far back as 2004, a few of which I have alluded to. Anyone is welcomed to point out anyone of those which I might have gotten horribly wrong (if any) in the process and how the events unfolded in real life.

Musa Xulu is an opinion maker, analyst and investigative researcher par excellence.

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