This article will come back to haunt you - Helen Zille

WCape Premier tells The Economist they 'clearly have no idea how patronage network (that is the ANC) functions'

'This article will come back to haunt you' - Helen Zille on The Economist backing Cyril Ramaphosa

27 April 2019

Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille says that The Economist 's article backing President Cyril Ramaphosa as 'The rainbow nation's [South Africa] best bet' will come back to haunt them.

"You clearly have no idea how the patronage network (that is the ANC) functions. This article will come back to haunt you," she tweeted on Thursday.

The Economist is of the view that Ramaphosa faces a daunting task if the ANC wins the 2019 national and provincial elections however hailed him for bringing "the country back from the brink" even though "it is still teetering".

"South Africa is the most industrialised economy in Africa, the continent's business hub and its most influential actor on the global stage. Yet just as important is its symbolism. If it were to overcome its history of repression and racism, that would offer hope to all countries, in Africa and beyond," the publication noted in its special report on Thursday.

In addition, Time Magazine named him among its 100 most influential people for 2019 last week.

Listed in the "leader" category, he keeps company with Imran Khan, US president Donald Trump and Catholic Pope Francis.

In a biography, Vivienne Walt wrote that Ramaphosa was "raised in the township of Soweto, [and] he honed his political skills helping his country navigate its way out of apartheid".

With just under two weeks left until South Africans cast their vote, Time described Ramaphosa as the "the chance to end corruption and grow the stalled economy" in South Africa which could be his "toughest battle yet".