UCT lecturers must refuse to teach - Student activist

'There is so much anxiety in lectures, but you insists on teaching these students'

UCT lecturers must refuse to teach - student activist

5 October 2016

Cape Town - Protesters were demanding that all UCT academics refuse to teach on campus, student activist Athabile Nonxuba said on Wednesday.

"There is so much anxiety in the lectures, but you insist on teaching these students," he said

"White academics are proceeding to lecture."

He thanked those who had "withdrawn their labour" by refusing to work under the current volatile situation on campus.

"Those who continue [to lecture], history will judge you harshly," he warned.

Dr Lwazi Lushaba, from the university's department of political studies, encouraged students to continue with their shutdown.

"We must ensure nothing happens on this campus until they can speak to us like human beings. We must remain resolute," he said to applause from students.

"We're happy to coexist with white people, but they need to know, primarily these institutions belong to us."

Nonxuba claimed that black students were not being allowed into the Kramer Law Building "because they are potentially protesters".

"Black students must produce student cards, but white students must get inside," he said.

"We are fighting for the right to exist."

Protesting students resumed their disruptions of lectures on Wednesday morning, amid a heavy police and private security presence.

This after a night of chaos, following the students being locked out of the Steve Biko Building.

Locks were changed and private security was placed at the entrances of the SRC offices, which had been occupied by the protesters for the past fortnight.

Stones were thrown at security guards and some were attacked with sticks.

Petrol bombs were thrown and fires were also started on campus.

Property was damaged in the process.

Peaceful protests resumed on Wednesday morning.

Nonxuba vowed that protests would continue until student demands were met.

This article first appeared on News24, see here