WCape speaker rewrites Scopa resolutions - Max Ozinsky

ANC MPL says consultant engaged by Shahid Esau sanitised resolutions on provincial legislature

DA speaker Esau interferes and rewrites Scopa resolutions

A scandal was uncovered last week in the watchdog committee Scopa (standing committee on public accounts) in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, when it emerged that behind the back of the committee, speaker Shahid Esau had engaged a consultant to rewrite the Scopa resolutions on the provincial government 2009-10 Annual Reports.

The consultant has in particular sanitised the section of the resolutions dealing with this provincial parliament, which is headed by the speaker.

This illegal interference in the work of Scopa is yet another example of the DA speaker's blatant disregard for the basic tenants of parliamentary democracy and our constitution, from which Scopa derives its powers.

Scopa was only told last week that these resolutions are already three months late, even though the speaker and staff have been aware of this since January. The late completion of the Scopa resolutions will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the provincial government departments to implement them, as required by the regulating Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

Speaker Esau, DA chief whip Alta Rossouw and leader of government business Theuns Botha continue to make a mockery of parliamentary procedures with their hallmarks of incompetence and purposefully undermining the role of parliamentary oversight.

Whilst aware of the on-going charade, premier Helen Zille refuses to take action by removing Esau. Until she does so, the provincial parliament will continue to lurch from one crisis to another scandal.

Scopa will be meeting today, Wednesday 1 June at 14:00-22:00, in the legislature's Chamber, 6th Floor, 7 Wale Street, Cape Town, to receive a report on how this mess happened.

The meeting is open to all. Public and all media may attend.

Statement issued by Max Ozinsky, ANC Member of Scopa, June 1 2011

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