Whites shut down ANN7 for its progressive views – BLF

Organisation says this is part of a plan by WMC to cover up its corruption

Whites shut down ANN7 for its progressive views

1 February 2018

Black First Land First (BLF) is not shocked by the decision of Multichoice to shut down, 24-hour news channel, Africa News Network (ANN7). The attack on ANN7 is part of the massive plan by white monopoly capital to cover up its corruption. It is well-known that ANN7 has been the only channel brave enough to expose the corruption of white monopoly capital.

The closure of ANN7, scheduled for August 2018, is a direct assault on freedom of expression and diversity of opinion. The main objective of the shut down is to make sure that voices critical of white monopoly capital find no expression in the public domain. The shut down is in anticipation of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture and the 2019 national elections.

The shutting down of ANN7 is nothing but an attack on media freedom akin to that of the apartheid era. The media gag is meant to ensure the hegemony of pro-white voices. The silence of the so-called ‘defenders of media freedom’ shows that there is no media freedom in South Africa.

In South Africa, one has freedom of expression so long as one sings the praises of white monopoly capital. Any entity which is critical of it will find itself out in the cold. If we do not stop Multichoice, then come August, we shall be subjected to the monologue of white capital.

BLF shall consider numerous actions to defend media freedom and diversity of opinion in society.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First Movement (BLF NCC), 31 January 2018