Why and how I became a member of the IFP

Graham McIntosh says it was an honour to be signed into the party by the son of David Ntombela

All thinking South Africans can see that SACP/ANC government is running South Africa into the ground and it is thoroughly corrupt. I have lived in KZN for fifty-four years. Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who founded the IFP, and I, have been friends for close to 50 years. On 16 September 2023 I attended his Funeral, which President Ramaphosa, appropriately and rightly, declared a State Funeral. It was deeply moving.

I listened carefully to all the Speeches. Buthelezi’s deep faith in Jesus, which I joyfully share, was celebrated in the full Anglican Requiem Mass. In his tribute to his Father, Prince Zuzifa, shared how his Father’s love for Jesus was pivotal in their family life. Buthelezi previously asked forgiveness of the descendants of the party of the Voortrekkers who were murdered in 1838 by Dingane and his Impis at uMgungundlovu and Bloukrans.

The respect that the deeply Christian Afrikaners and the Zulus have had for each for other, was further enhanced by this loving act of Christian servant leadership. I personally appreciated it because my Mother’s family ancestor, PW Morkel, who had no connection to the Voortrekkers, came to the Cape over three hundred years ago in 1708 to work for the global Dutch East India Company.

In 1961 when I was a first year student at UCT, I had what John Wesley described as his “heartwarming experience” of Jesus. In that same year I joined the SAIRR, now the IRR, and am privileged to serve on its Council. The late John Kane-Berman was CEO of the IRR and worked closely with Prince Buthelezi on the Buthelezi Commission and the Natal Indaba initiatives. They had a deep respect for each other.

It is hugely important that South Africans are rescued from the SACP/ANC Government. In KZN the IFP and the DA have a Service Delivery Pact (The Pact). Both parties have experience of being in Government. For the IFP, in KZN and for the DA, in the Western Cape. They are also two of the Seven Parties working together in the national M-PC (Multi-Party Charter) for the 2024 Elections which intends to bring the SACP/ANC/EFF Coalition (Doomsday Coalition) to under 50% of the total votes cast. It is indeed possible, but it means that all the activists in the Charter and the Pact must vigorously support their election campaign from now and into 2024, with their time, energy, and resources.

I have been in politics for fifty years. The Charter and the Pact is a hugely exciting initiative by four proven, competent, experienced visionary leaders in – John Steenhuisen, Velenkosini Hlabisa, Pieter Groenewald and Herman Mashaba. They are not popstars, but they have the toughness, wisdom and gravitas needed. We can thank God for each one of them.

They are not tainted in any way by corruption. After some days of reflection after the Funeral, I decided that my personal energies and resources to serve and work towards crushing the Doomsday Coalition (SACP/ANC + EFF), would best be done by asking to join the IFP team of activists.

Petros Ngubane, who is the IFP Mayor of the Umzinyathi District Council, and I have been friends for many years going back to when I was President Kwanalu (KwaZulu Natal Agricultural Union) and we served together on its Council. I asked him what procedure I should follow to join the IFP.

He arranged for Dennis Ntombela, son of the late David Ntombela, whom I had known well from when I was the PFP Member if Parliament for the Maritzburg North (1981-87), to visit me at my retirement village home in Howick on 11th October 2023. David Ntombela had stood against the SACP/ANC revolutionary onslaught which caused 20 000 deaths. Dr Zweli Mkhize, Blade Nzimande (Minister of Higher Education) and John Jefferey (Deputy Minister of Justice) were actively supporting the atheist and Stalinist revolutionary, Harry Gwala, whom I also knew.

The attached photograph of SACP/ANC members, is from the Witness of 9 October 2023 at the Jan Smuts, now Harry Gwala, Stadium. That name change, as do most others since 1994, reflects Communist Revolutionary triumphalism, but often and mostly, a deep-seated inferiority complex which has been re-inforced by the collapse of any and every Municipality where the SACP/ANC govern.  

In 2009 I spoke in Durban at the IRR’s launch of the first edition Anthea Jeffrey’s scholarly book, “Peoples War – New light on the struggle for South Africa”, where she exposed how the violence that caused 20 000 deaths in KZN came directly from Communist revolutionary doctrine.

David Ntombela was one of those who stood up against the SACP/ANC and “the left” poured their bile on him, as a result. Jacob Zuma and the Communists control the ANC in KZN and they led the insurrection in July 2021 when Zuma was sent to Prison. It was, indeed, for me a poignant honour to have the son of the staunch Methodist David Ntombela, sign me up as an ordinary member of the IFP. Furthermore, he, himself, was healing from having been shot in the face a few months before and probably by an SACP/ANC hired gun. The SACP and COSATU are not strangers to achieving their objectives by assassination.

Furthermore, on the walls of my home are photographs of Kings Cetshwayo and Dinizulu, both ancestors of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. A photo-etching from Sue Williamson’s “A Few South Africans 1983-85” is also displayed. It is of Nokukanya Luthuli – the wife of Albert Luthuli.

My wife wanted it there because Nokukanya, like her husband, detested violence. Harry Gwala, as a militant Communist revolutionary, despised Albert Luthuli for his fierce commitment to non-violence. There is also a mostly red weaving by Rosta Ndawo depicting the maize harvest, from the ELC Arts and Craft Centre at Rorke’s Drift. It hangs on the wall alongside the photographs of the Kings.   Dennis Ntombela, who is an IFP Councillor in the Msunduzi Municipality, enjoyed seeing them all.

At the Prince Buthelezi’s funeral, I was able to greet and exchange a few friendly words with each of Cyril Ramaphosa, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Kgalema Motlanthe and Parliamentary Speaker Mapisa Nqakula. After the 2024 Election, I fervently hope they’ll be sitting in Parliament on the Opposition benches. I’m going to try my personal best to help the IFP make that happen. The Pact and the Charter make it achievable.

Graham McIntosh