Zapiro's cartoon undermines plight of women – ANCWL

Women's League says cartoon is insensitive, distasteful and an insult to those who have suffered from injustice of rape

The ANCWL condemns the Zapiro cartoon which undermines the plight of women

12 April 2017

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) is appaled by the latest  Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) cartoon that depicts South Africa as a woman being sexually violated. In a country as South Africa where women are sexually violated daily, Zapiro's cartoon is insensitive, distasteful and an insult to those who have suffered from the injustice of rape. 

Rape is an epidemic in our society and political satire should not make a mockery of the most violent act that a woman could encounter. The cartoon also also carries a racial undertone and perpertuates the stereotype that black man remain onlookers in the face of any injustice. 

The ANCWL respects the freedom of expression as enshrined in our Constitution, however we condemn the abuse of such freedom as done by Zapiro through his cartoon. 

As the ANCWL we wish to reiterate our position that we will continue to fight against the portrayal of women as objects and their bodily integrity that reflects a degeneration of societal values, under the disguise of freedom of speech and freedom of expression using the President to undermine women.

The ANCWL calls on Zapiro to apologise to all women of South Africa, more especially rape survivors. We futher encourage all South Africans to stand together to protect the dignity of women and continue to condemn the insensitive Zapiro cartoon. 

Issued by Meokgo Matuba, Secretary General, ANCWL, 12 April 2017