Zuma must now cough up reasons for reshuffle – James Selfe

DA CFE says President Zuma ought to have rationally foreseen the consequences of his actions

DA welcomes High Court ruling forcing Zuma to supply reasons for disastrous reshuffle

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is elated by the order of the North Gauteng High Court today that President Jacob Zuma must provide the reasons and record of decision to axe Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas, on 31 March 2017.

This is a victory not only for the DA but for all South Africans who deserve to know on what basis the President made this disastrous decision.

Last week, the DA filed an urgent application to force President Zuma to supply his record of decision after he claimed that the DA and South Africa were not entitled to the reasons behind his disastrous decision.

Now that the High Court has confirmed that President Zuma must supply his record of decision within five days of today’s ruling, our earlier application to review the rationality of his decision can proceed.

The record of decision should also contain the now infamous ‘intelligence report’ which South Africa and the court can fully interrogate.

It is high time that those in power and especially the President, are held accountable for their actions and decisions based on self-interest and personal gain rather than the best interests of our country.

The fact is that President Zuma ought to have rationally foreseen the consequences of this reshuffle on our country and the 9 million unemployed people, who are likely to increase given the recent downgrades to junk status his decision precipitated.

The DA will continue to pursue all possible avenues to ensure this because South Africa deserves leaders that put the people first.

Statement issued by James Selfe MP, DA Federal Executive Chairperson, 4 May 2017