22 farm attacks, 5 farm murders in August - AfriForum

Ian Cameron says govt fails to protect people, we must therefore do it ourselves

22 farm attacks in August; South Africans must protect themselves - AfriForum

AfriForum urges all South Africans in farming communities to get involved with safety structures. This appeal comes after a wave of farm attacks occurred in August 2014.

"August was a horrific month in terms of farm attacks. There were 22 confirmed attacks and five confirmed murders. Seventeen murders were reported in the last three months," said Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum.

Cameron requests all people in farming areas to join safety initiatives where pro-active action can be taken to prevent farm attacks. According to Cameron, there are many agricultural and farming organisations, private institutions and community initiatives, like those of AfriForum, where people can get involved.

"Government fails to protect people, we must therefore do it ourselves. Government often says citizens cannot act, but it is our right as civilians to protect our lives and our property," Cameron said.

The following farm murders were reported to AfriForum in August:

Koos Jonker - 4 August (Ellisras)

Piet van Zyl - 9 August (Letsitele)

Kobus van der Westhuizen -16 August (Hartbeespoort)

Coba Odendaal - 19 August (Vredendal)

Josef Puleng Makua - 30 August (Elandskloof, Belfast)

The statistics that AfriForum has is calculated conservatively. "A total of 87 farm attacks have been reported to us in 2014 alone."

Statement issued by Ian Cameron, Head: Community Safety, AfriForum, September 3 2014

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