8% attendance at all shafts Tuesday morning - Lonmin

Employees waiting for environment to be safe before returning to work

Lonmin Update: Attendance Figures/Update

Attendance today: We have an 8% average attendance across all shafts this morning. We understand that employees are waiting for the environment to be safe before returning to work.

Situation on the ground: There are unsubstantiated reports of intimidation in two mining areas around Karee Mine this morning. No incidents of violence have been reported. Management is appealing to all stakeholders to remain calm.

Peace Accord: The Peace Accord meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 29 August 2012, at 10h00 in the Rustenburg Civic Centre. The meeting  will be brokered by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant and attended by unions, management and worker representatives.  

The signing of a Peace Accord is considered the first step of the resolution process and will provide all parties with a framework within which agenda items - such as wages - can be discussed. Management encourages all parties to participate in the Peace Accord meeting so that we can stabilise our situation and move forward.

We continue to communicate with our employees to reassure them that we are all working together to bring resolution and we encourage them to come back to work.

Statement issued by Lonmin, August 28 2012

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