ANC alliance to march against Zille in Cape Town

The SACP says the people have had enough of the DA administration of the city


The African National Congress, South African Communist Party, Congress of South African Trade Unions, South African National Civic Organisation, ANC Women's League, ANC Youth League, Young Communist League and Mass Democratic Movement structures  are calling upon all residents within the jurisdiction of the City of Cape Town to attend in their numbers the Service Delivery March, to be held on the 20th March 2009, starting at 11:00 in Kaizergracht (Cape Town) to the Offices of the Mayor of the City of Cape Town, led by SACP General Secretary, Cde Blade Nzimande.

People of Cape Town are saying enough is enough to the DA lead City of Cape Town that is rallying a range of minority parties and constituencies (similar to an apartheid tricameral system) against the working class and the poor. The working class and the poor in the City of Cape Town has lost hope and confidence in her leadership and the Democratic Alliance.

The reality is that thousands of people in the City of Cape Town who are mainly Coloureds and Africans are using chemical toilets; using bucket system; living in informal dwelling; living in shacks in the backyard; have no access to piped water inside the dwelling; facing daily water cuts; threatened with the implementation of prepaid water system, which is the direct infringement to their socio-economic right entrenched in the Bill of Rights. Managers in the City of Cape Town who are mainly Coloureds and Africans are terrorised as if they are second class citizens in the City of Cape Town. Hellen Zille refuses to implement youth programs and establish youth structures consistent with national legislative framework.

This is irreconcilable with her vision of an "open opportunity society for all in which all people have the freedoms to achieve their goals". People of Cape Town have realised that her party represents a fundamentally schizophrenic project, a liberal party of privilege using a strata of the working class against itself. In the history of South Africa, Liberalism as an ideology has never been able to solve problems of the majority of our people. In this regard the DA is a self defeating project, since it is trying to do the scientifically impossible, to be answer to the problems and the challenges of the Metro which it cannot do, since its own ideology does not allow for this to happen.

The African National Congress remains the only organisation that has been consistent and continues to place service delivery at the helm of its programme for social transformation. The current elections manifesto bears testimony to ANC's focused commitment on services delivery. As such the ANC has placed high priority to health; education; rural development, housing and better and decent jobs as part of its ongoing commitment to restoring the human dignity of all South Africans through an even more accelerated pace on service delivery.

Statement issued by Khaya Magaxa, SACP Western Cape provincial secretary, March 17 2009

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